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Wild Salmon on Herbed Sweet Pea & Rocket Salad


Second harvest of the year (although my first was only rocket) sweet peas, rocket (arugala), parsley, Thai basil and a touch of coriander. Mixed into a salad with browned salmon and sumac butter.

When I have to eat away from home these days I usually end up feeling sick sooner or later so I am always relieved to be cooking for myself again. This time we had some local wild salmon from Trout Lake Farmer’s market which I cut into steaks and seared golden with my favorite anti-radiation seasoning (high in antioxidants, seaweed and himalayan salt). I didn’t want to have to go shopping and fortunately my balcony garden came to the rescue with sweet peas and rocket as well as some tasty herbs. We didn’t have lime juice but the sumac and sauerkraut gave just the right tang and the browned butter from the seared salmon was perfect for tossing with the rocket and herbs for a slightly wilted salad.