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Kale Chips – Tangy Sunflower, Parmesan and Spicy Cashew


It took me a while to figure out the best temperature, amount of oil and dressing as well as the length of time to get the perfect crunch on these babies, but I seem to have basically gotten the hang of it now. As usual my recipes come out a bit differently each time I make them. The latest version, which I am munching on right now, is a bit mustard-y and there isn’t quite enough salt and oil, but they are still crunchy after about 5 days in a jar, so that is a good sign.

They are very quick and simple to make with whatever you have on hand!


Mix ingredients. Add two bunches of kale, tear off the leaves into bite sized pieces and toss together with the nut and cheese mixture. Lay out on trays using baking paper or silicon sheets under the kale. Turn your oven to 200 degrees F and bake around 3-4 hours until kale is crispy. You may need to turn and rotate your trays depending on your oven.

The following are my favorite three variations so far:

Parmesan Kale Chips

Spicy Cashew Kale Chips

Tangy Sunflower-Kale Chips

I used my new traditional stone grinder (below) for the sunflowers I used in this mixture. The seeds need to be soaked for around 24 hours, and can even be sprouting when ground. The soaked sunflower seeds are put through the grinder. This results in a very smooth paste which adds an incredible flavor to these kale chips. I found cashews and other nuts were a little too big to be ground in this grinder. Perhaps if they were chopped before soaking, but then they wouldn’t sprout.