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Ginger-Rhubarb Compote

Often the first vegetable to pop up in the spring, rhubarb is one of my favorites.


While I love it in pie my new favorite way of using rhubarb is making compote. Compote is french for “mixture” and is basically just a stewed fruit dish. Rhubarb makes a beautiful compote.

Compote is also a great way to prepare rhubarb for canning so it can be enjoyed in the winter. The version I am making is sweet but a savory variety is fabulous with roast pork.




  1. Rhubarb leaves are poisonous so they should be removed and discarded as you pick it. The rhubarb stalks should then be washed well to remove any dirt, oil/grease and diced finely. The easiest way to dice rhubarb is to split it several times lengthwise (depending on the thickness of the stalk) and then to cut across the lengths.
  2. Add diced rhubarb to a non-reactive pot (it’s quite acidic) and then add your sugar, liquid, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla bean pod. Everything can be adjusted according to taste. The liquid facilitates the cooking down and softening of the rhubarb so add more if your compote seems to be drying out. As it cooks down, taste your compote. Add more sugar if you feel it needs it. I tend to like my food not-too-sweet so make sure the compote tastes good according to your tastes.
  3. Once the compote is cooked down, remove the vanilla bean. The compote is now ready for eating or for canning.





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