Grain Free Wraps / Egg Noodles / Swedish Pancakes

This is actually a great recipe for grain-free Swedish pancakes. They aren’t as strong as a wrap made with grain but they get the job done and taste fantastic while they are at it. I also like to use 1/2 this recipe and make a stack of pancakes which you can then cut into thick or thin egg noodles and add to a chicken soup. Alternatively, add them into chicken stock for a very easy on the digestion, nourishing meal (my grandma used to make this). When adding into a soup, add at the last minute and only heat a couple minutes before serving.

  • 6 eggs
  • 1/3 c milk
  • 2T fat
  • salt & pepper

Beat ingredients together. Heat butter in pan, pour in batter. Roll pan around so batter will spread evenly. Cook 2 min each side.

In the photo below I have pulled pork, peas and avocado. It was delicious. The great thing about wraps is that you can put just about anything in them! Get creative

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