Raspberry and Rosehip Syrup

I have recently found that I love having fruit syrups on hand to make a variety of fermented foods with. They are useful to add into coconut water kefir or kombucha for a delightful second ferment. They also make a great syrup to pour over a bowl of yogurt and nuts, or just as a syrup for pancakes, ice-cream and many other tantalizing treats. I don’t have the exact amounts here, but the great thing about these syrups is that if you haven’t added enough honey, you can always add more later. Your fruit will also have different levels of sourness depending on how ripe they are so it is probably a good idea to taste test as you make your syrup anyway.

  • raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • water (use about 1/3 c water per cup of fruit)
  • rosehips, fresh or dried (if fresh be sure to remove seeds and hairs before using)
  • honey

Put your raspberries into a pan with water to get the process started. Place over medium heat. Bring to a simmer and reduce the heat, cook for about 2 mins. Add honey. I usually will add about 1/4 c of honey per cup of fruit, allow this to reduce slightly. Add in the rosehips and cook about 2 mins. (I add the rosehips in later so that they will get less cooking as the heat destroys vitamin C, rosehips need to be cooked to remove an enzyme that destroys vitamin C faster than cooking)

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  1. The Food Sage

    Love raspberries. Love this way of using them! Can’t wait to make this and pour it over vanilla ice-cream. Thanks for sharing.

    1. hellaD

      Wow thanks so much for your comment! Raspberry and vanilla, raspberry and chocolate…raspberries are good with everything 🙂

      1. Vera

        Hi Hella,

        Thank you for your great site!!

        I live in Kelowna. How can I get my hands on Kefir grains & Kombucha mother at a reasonable cost? Not sure if I’ll make it to Vancouver this year…haven’t been there for 2 years since it involves not only driving time & expense but also getting a hotel room.

        Also, there seems to be some ‘mother’ left in the KefiActive liquid from Botanica – is that likely still alive and can it be grown?

        Thanks for your help!


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