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Coconut Water Kefir

[1]I have just finished making a raspberry-vanilla-honey syrup to use in my second ferment of coconut water kefir. Since we are on the GAPS / SCD diets we have been finding every way possible to get more probiotics into our bodies. Coconut water kefir is a very delicious way to get extra probiotics as it creates a fizzy, champagne-like coconut water soda.

Personally I prefer using dairy kefir grains, which work quite well a few times, but since they prefer dairy to grow in they will get depleted and you will have to replace them. You can also use water kefir grains which just love a mineral-rich, sweet medium to grow in and coconut water is just perfect. If you are looking for cultures you can get dairy kefir grains here [2]. The same method works for either dairy or water kefir grains.

Coconut water kefir is very rich in probiotics and it is best to only drink about 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time especially when you first start drinking it.

Simply strain out your kefir grains. Add the strained grains into another can of coconut water (do this in a glass jar) and put a lid on the jar and place it in a dark warm spot for 24 hours (you can experiment with how many grains to put in and how long or how warm the spot is that you place the kefir to see how you like it best). A longer time, warmer spot and more grains will make a more sour kefir.

[3]With the strained coconut water kefir you can either drink it up right as it is (many people like to chill it first), or you can make it into a fizzy, probiotic-rich fruit soda by adding in about 1/4 c fruit syrup. Alternatively you can just add in fresh fruit along with some sweetener (I prefer honey). It needs some kind of sweetener to get the fizz going in the second ferment. If you add in home-made, honey syrup you also won’t need to strain out the bits of fruit before drinking and it is quick and easy to add into your second ferment.

Bottle up the coconut water kefir and let stand in your warm, dark fermenting corner for another 24 hours before chilling and drinking. Simply fantastic!

If you start to notice that the first ferment isn’t getting very tangy, then you need to change your kefir grains.

So far my favorite flavor for a second ferment is raspberry, but any variety of fruit can be used. I prefer to make them into syrups with honey as it fits into my GAPS / SCD diet and makes it very easy to do a second ferment.

Other flavors you might like to try: grape, blueberry, blackberry, lime, peach, watermelon, herbal teas (I’ve made nettle, mint, green etc), spices such as star-anise, cardamom or ginger.