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Grain-Free Hot Cross Buns


My mother loved hot cross buns and getting up early on Easter morning to watch the sun rise with hot chocolate in one hand and a hot cross bun in the other. (Pigs, Ferns and Easter Sunrise on Sacred Hilltops [2]) So I have after several attempts, come up with a delicious rendition of GAPS and SCD friendly Hot Cross Buns. They are more like muffins, and a thick custard makes a tasty cross. This recipe will make about 18 buns.

For the buns:

For the custard:

Cream butter and honey, add cashew butter, almond flour, spices, bk soda and salt and mix. Add eggs and beat, add raisins and chopped candied citrus peel [4].

Fill buttered muffin tins 2/3 full and bake in a 275 degree oven for 10 minutes or so. Cool, cut a cross in the top of the muffin and fill with custard.

Heat the cream in a pan until scalded (just beginning to bubble). In a bowl that will fit on a pan with water (double boiler) whisk the egg yolks, cardamom, vanilla, salt and honey. Heat the double boiler.

When the cream is heated, pour a small amount into the yolks and whisk. Pour yolk and cream back into remaining cream while whisking. Place over double boiler and stir continuously while heating and cooking the mixture. When it is considerably thickened cool in a bowl of ice cold water while whisking so that it will not get lumpy. When cool spoon into the muffins where you have cut them.

These tasty treats can be eaten as is or with butter and do well in a picnic basket for an early morning sunrise greeting on top of a hill on Easter Sunday. Don’t forget the hot chocolate.

For a simpler version for more everyday occasions simply leave out the candied citrus peel, add more raisins and enjoy as a breakfast muffin or make into a coffee-cake.