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Fried Bananas and Cream

Now this is a delicious, simple and tasty treat. An old favorite from distantly remembered escapades in S.E. Asia where banana pancakes are a backpackers delight.

Serves 2

Slice the bananas about 1/2 cm thick on the diagonal, so the slices will be longer. Heat the coconut oil in a skillet and drop in the banana slices, fry on each side until caramelized. Serve with whipped cream and lime zest or just as is.

If you are on the GAPS diet be sure that the bananas are very ripe with brown spots. The carbohydrate in the bananas will have converted to a simple sugar at that point. We only recently added this into our diet and we don’t eat them all the time, or too many in one sitting and we do fine. It is nice to add the whipped cream, but they do just as well served on their own. They are also very nice fried in butter or lard.


This recipe is part of the Hearth and Soul Bloghop [2].