Grain-Free Tuesdays

A couple months ago I did a post called GAPS/SCD Recipe Roundup. My idea was to do it once a month every full moon. I discovered in the process it is best to do a bloghop once a week on a regular basis, so this has resulted in Grain-Free Tuesdays. I have discovered there are lots of excellent recipe bloghops focusing on Real Food and various other topics, but I as I am on the GAPS diet, I am particularly interested in the grain-free recipes. I have discovered more and more people going grain-free, either with a Paleo diet or perhaps they are on the Body Ecology Diet or the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet). More people are going grain-free as they realize that gluten-free isn’t quite doing the trick for them. There is a huge demand for nutritional information, experiences and recipes for folks on the GAPS diet or who are simply grain-free, and I myself am eager to hear of other tasty grain-free recipes and the amazing and creative ways that people have discovered for cooking grain-free.

This bloghop as a result will be grain-free, refined-sugar free and processed-food free. Basically it is a GAPS diet bloghop, but perhaps a little more flexible than straight GAPS diet. Please only use honey or fruit as sweeteners, other natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and agave are not used on the GAPS diet. Natural stevia is OK too. I know the Body Ecology Diet includes quinoa and millet, but I prefer to leave those items out of this particular bloghop as well. Fermented foods are highly encouraged! I will choose favorites from the month and post them in a roundup on the full moon of every month. If anyone would like to join in hosting this bloghop please let me know! I have to admit that I have been inspired by Alex of She does a great job of creating a community around good food, healing tips and practical ways to live a fuller life, so a big thanks to her.

So please feel free to share your favorite grain-free food, fermented food, GAPS experiences, tips on cooking from scratch, and even favorite ways to detox. Detoxing is a very important part of the GAPS diet. Please link back to this post and leave us a comment at the bottom. Also please join us on Fridays for the Feed Me! Tweet Me! Follow Me Home Friday Friend Builder Linky which I co-host with and 21st Century Housewife. Please also tweet or share this post on facebook and I will also share your links on twitter. In the meantime, happy cooking, eating and connecting with local farmers 🙂 . The Linky will open Monday evening around 10:00 (Pacific coast time) and be open all week.

This post is part of the Hearth and Soul bloghop, Real Food Wednesdays and Fight Back Fridays.

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  1. Sarah Smith

    What a great idea to have a GAPS blog hop! Thanks for inviting me over. I went ahead and posted a few recipes in addition to the article about feeding infants. Thanks!

  2. Butterpoweredbike

    I’m sharing my recipe for head cheese, which is made from the head of a pig, an onion, and a few spices.

    I’m not totally grain-free myself, but I’m gf and lazy, which means that I usually prefer to eat starchy veg simply because it takes less effort 🙂

  3. Heather @girlichef

    Good luck with your hop and thanks for spreading the word via the hearth and soul hop.

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