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A Favorite Lunch for the GAP Syndrome Diet

[1]For a wonderful well-rounded lunch or snack with nutrient dense chicken liver and lots of home-made fermented vegetables, try one of my favorites: Carrot, ginger, apple kefir smoothie [2] to start. Technically it should be drank and digested at least half an hour before eating the delicious chicken liver pate [3] topped with kefirkraut [4] on grain-free almond-caraway bread [5] (I will post both those recipes right away). This is served with home-made pickled olives [6] and an enzyme-rich fermented diakon, carrot and ginger relish.

Yum. Pate and kefirkraut [4] on almond-caraway bread has become my new ruben. Of course sauerkraut or kimchi make great substitutes. The olives and relish of course can be substituted with any of these other homemade pickles and side-dishes: