Local Apple Relish

This year, while searching through various old cookbooks for pecan pie recipes I came across a lovely fresh apple relish (Apple Kitchen Cook Book by Demetria Taylor), which I just had to try. It was fantastic! Especially tasty with fresh, local apples, it works particularly well as a relish with turkey, and really helps to digest a big meal as it has homemade dill pickles as well as probiotic mustard and a touch of homemade mayonnaise. This is my version…I should have posted it before Thanksgiving! Keep it in mind for your Christmas dinner.

Wash the apples and dice them as small as you can (brunoise) about 1/2 cm by 1/2 cm. Salt them lightly and squeeze fresh lemon juice over them to keep them from browning as you cut.

Dice the onions, dill pickles and leave the capers whole (you can also use homemade dandelion, nasturtium or milkweed capers). Add in the homemade mayonnaise and mustard, check the seasoning and chill until ready to serve. I sprinkled it with a touch of sumac before serving.

This recipe is part of the Hearth and Soul Recipe bloghop Volume 25.

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  1. Christy

    What a fresh and unusual relish – I wish I had some lacto-fermented pickles to give it a try. thanks for linking this to the the hearth and soul hop!

  2. Sally Moore

    The apple relish sounds great I will certainly try it

  3. Butterpoweredbike

    I’m ever so happy to see this recipe. For some reason, I can’t help myself, when I see apples out on my bike rides, I have to pick them. And that’s why I still have 30-40 lbs of apples sitting around. I love the combo with dill pickles! My brain never would have gone there on it’s own. I’ve gotta try this! Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop this week.

    1. hellaD

      Yeah, no doubt, pork roast would be fantastic.

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