Swedish Gravad Lax

The Swedish usually have this salmon on their smorgasbords and always serve it with this delicious mustard dip. I have altered the recipe slightly here to use honey instead of sugar for a GAPS and SCD friendly recipe.

This recipe is very easy to make and is a guaranteed to impress. But be sure you don’t use farmed salmon.

Traditionally this recipe was made in the summertime as lots of fresh dill is required.

  • 1 3-pound side of salmon
  • 2/3 c salt
  • 1/4 c honey
  • 1 t black peppercorns, crushed
  • 2 large bunches of dill

Trim up your side of salmon, remove bones if necessary. Cut into two pieces if it is big enough. Rinse under cold water and pat dry.

Mix together the salt, honey, and peppercorns. Rub part of this into the fish.

Place a thick layer of dill sprigs in the bottom of a pan. Set one piece of salmon, skin side down, on about half of the dill. Add more seasoning and more dill. Place the other salmon on with skin up. Rub the rest of the seasoning in and cover with any remaining dill.

Set a board on top of the salmon to weigh it down and chill it for 16 to 24 hours.

When you are ready to serve it, scrape off the seasoning and dill, cut the salmon as thick or thin as you please, arrange it on a serving platter and garnish it with fresh dill and lemon wedges, serve with Swedish mustard dip.

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