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Cinnamon Almond Pancakes

almond pancakes

This is a great recipe for folks who are gluten-free or who are on the GAPS or Specific Carbohydrate diet. Easy to make and tasty. This recipe also makes fantastic waffles.

Serves 3

Mix the egg yolks, fat, apple sauce, almond flour and cinnamon. I like to add a bit of yogurt or kefir and to pretend that it is a sourdough pancake, but that is optional. Just add a bit more apple sauce if the consistency is too thick. I use home-made apple sauce which has a lot of flavor and is quite sweet, so you can also add honey if you like a sweeter pancake.

Whip the egg whites up until they form stiff peaks. Fold them gently into the other mixture and fry by the spoonful on a hot griddle with lots of butter or lard. Serve them with home-made apple sauce [1] and kefir or yogurt!