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Burmese Mont Lin Ma Yar

moanlinmayar [1]I recently had a wonderful interaction with a Burmese food lover over a photo I had posted on facebook [2]of the famous Burmese Mont Lin Ma Yar. These delicious street corner snacks are a real treat, I wish I could get them on the corner downtown Vancouver, BC! She kindly translated the recipe for me from her favorite Burmese recipe site and so I am posting it here for future reference:

From the Myanmar Cupid Cookbook by Pyo Pyo May [3]
Translated by Naomi Aung. Amounts are variable, test it out to see how thick you need the mixture.

Mix rice flour, water, sugar, baking soda, salt, ginger and green onions. Test by putting a bit of mixture on the hot pan, when cooked, if it is too soft, it has too much water, so add some more rice powder. Leave the mixture, covered for 1 to 2 hours. Heat the pan, add oil and add the mixture, add a quail egg or a couple boiled butter-beans (pe-pyote). When the bottom is crispy, turn it and let cook a couple more minutes. When cooked, place one on top of another one and eat them as a pair.

Naomi Aung’s side-note: Pyo Pyo May mentioned a spoonful but not what kind of spoon. Make your own judgment for amount of rice powder. Burmese street hawkers do not use recipes but know how thick or thin they need their mix, therefore it is difficult to give exact amounts and it is best to experiment a little to discover how you prefer to cook. These street chefs are true experts and very skilled in creating various lovely snacks.

*Although many Burmese now love MSG and often swear by it, it was only introduced to Myanmar during World War II when the Japanese over-ran the country and gained a foothold at that time. I encourage you to omit this ingredient as it is actually a neuro-toxin.

This translation comes from the Cupid Cookbook by Pyo Pyo May [3]. The Thais also make a similar snack and there is a recipe posted here with a video demonstration. [4]

There was also a discussion of the special pan that is used to make these treats and where you can by them on the facebook page where the photo is posted [2].

It is my understanding that this special Burmese snack is called Mont Lin Ma Yar (husband and wife snacks) and is a special food for couples because when the snack is served two of these mini pancakes are placed together and eaten together, like an intertwined and romantically involved couple who never want to be apart. Please correct me if I am wrong about this!