Raw Honey Vinegar

This is an amazingly simple recipe and results in a delicious, high-quality white vinegar with the flavors of the honey you have chosen to use. Try basswood or buckwheat honey for a darker, richer vinegar. Use raspberry honey for a lighter fruitier vinegar.

  • 8:1 Water : Honey
  • Eight parts water to one part honey
  • Wild yeast

Place in a crock. Cover the crock with cheesecloth and leave to sit in a warm place for about one month or until the fermentation has died down. Pour off the liquid and leave the yeasty residue behind. Bottle and seal. Will keep indefinitely.

Vinegar has been used medicinally for years. Apple cider vinegar is a famous home remedy for digestive complaints. Vinegar was traditionaly used as face and hair washes for glowing faces and glistening hair. Raw honey vinegar can be used medicinally in the same ways that apple cider vinegar is used.

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