Spiced Herbal Iced Tea

I often keep a little pot of simmering herbs on the back of the stove making a flavorful medicinal tea, the herbs and spices vary depending on the season and other conditions. Suggestions for basic simmering herbs and spices:

  • pau d’arco (immune booster and anti-viral)
  • rooibus red tea (anti-oxidants)
  • cinnamon stick (blood-sugar regulator, circulation)
  • cloves (circulation)
  • cardamon
  • ginger (circulation, anti-nausea, heating)
  • 1 peppercorn (enhances the other spices actions)
  • tiny pinch of chili (enhances the other spices actions)

Possible optional additions to add to simmering pot:

  • dandelion root (liver detox)
  • horsetail (silicon for hair, nails and skin)
  • red root

Simmer these ingredients, covered for at least 20 minutes on very low. I generally simmer them for about an hour.

Steeping herbal additions:

  • mint (relaxing, good for stomach)
  • red clover (detoxifier)
  • nettle (iron and general tonic)
  • catnip (relaxing)
  • green tea (antioxidants and stimulant)
  • dandelion leaves (kidney detox)
  • lemon verbena (excellent flavor and supportive)
  • wild strawberry leaves (vit C)
  • wild violet leaves (vit C)
  • rosemary (circulatory and fat detoxifier)
  • rosehip (vit C)

Add a selection of herbs and allow to steep about 10 minutes, covered.

Add honey, unrefined palm sugar, or maple syrup while the liquid is still hot so that it will melt in easily, to taste.

Remove the lid and allow to cool.

Strain and bottle and chill.

This tea can also be made by putting the spices and herbs into a large jar and put out for a day in the hot sun. When you bring it in strain it and add the sweetner. Chill and drink. This is a nice way to get the rays of the sun involved in your creation and into your body.

This is an excellent way to get support from herbs and spices, especially in the summer when you might not want to drink hot beverages very often.

There are hundreds of herbs and spices you can add to your own ice tea. Try to get to know the herbs one by one and how your body interacts with them to figure out which is the best one for your constitution and needs.

I like to add this to my morning fruit smoothies

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