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Burmese Tomato Salad

Luke Nguyen tells us all about eating tomatoes in Myanmar

[1] Luke Nguyen tells us all about eating tomatoes in Myanmar

This is a signature hand tossed [2] Burmese salad. Variations can be found all around Myanmar.

Burmese salads are always thrown together fresh, the last minute possible before being served. Quick fingers toss and blend the salad, adding the personal touch of the creator into the mixture.

Serves 4

Prepare all the ingredients and toss them together with your clean hands at the last moment possible before serving. Fresh green chilis can also be added for those who love spiciness.

This salad makes a nice base for many other salads. I have successfully added avocados, chicken, blanched broccoli and green beans. More or less cabbage can be added depending on your needs.

This is very nutrient dense salad with the sesame seeds and peanuts providing extra protein and fat Absolutely delicious. Green tomatoes can be substituted for ripe ones for a Shan-style salad. Check out this video by Luke Nguyen [1] for more information on eating green tomatoes Burmese style!

This recipe is available as a recipe card [7] and makes a great gift while supporting Hella Delicious.