Cornplant Blossom

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We had a special treat this year when our cornflower (whom we call Tom) burst into blossom! The fragrance was so delicious. The beautiful tiny white blossoms would open in the evening releasing this lovely smell and would close again in the morning.


  1. Spatch says:

    It looks so pretty

  2. Peggy says:

    Oh my goodness, I just let mine “go toward the light” last fall. It was given to me already very old and I’d cut it back so many times, it just outgrew the space we had and I couldn’t find a home for it. I figured a natural death was the best. It was sad. It never bloomed, wonder if it was a male. I may try for another now. How old is yours? Is it rootbound or not? Some like to be, some don’t. Very cool. I’m so glad you showed this! Maybe Tom is Tomasina.

    • hellaD says:

      I am not sure how old our Tomasina is, we adopted him from my Aunt’s neighbour and (s)he wasn’t very happy at the time, she has been such a wonderful friend to both of us and a real comfort as well. I always dreamed of having huge plants in my home and it is lovely to have Tom around, we have him right in the window so I guess she just couldn’t resist the light!

  3. Echo says:

    I had a cornplant too, and after several years I was amazed when it developed flowers. The fragrance was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever smelled. I think giving it some sheep manure fertilizer from the local garden supply store gave it the extra nutrition it needed to bloom.

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