Wild Flowers of the Catskills II

St. John’s Wort, Yarrow, Vetch, Ox-eye Daisy, Plantain, Milkweed, Thistle, Joe Pie Weed, Bluet, Rose and many more potent and helpful herbs abound in the alpine meadows of the famous pristine Catskills of New York.

Having the opportunity to get to know these friendly herbs in this wild environment has been really helpful in understanding how the healing properties — like the volatile oils and vitamin and mineral content — can be more or less potent depending on the earth they are grown in. Growing up in the harsh contrary conditions of long freezing winters and wild warm storms of the summer have made these herbs strong.

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  1. Rick Sprague

    Awesome photos

  2. Wendy Klope

    The slideshows are lovely, but WHERE is the identification? I tried to find an ID for each of the flowers pictured but could not. If the flowers are identified, please make the labels easier to find. If they are not labeled, PLEASE PROVIDE! I want to know the names of the flowers I see all around me!

    1. hellaD

      Thanks Wendy,
      We need to update our slideshow gallery program so that it will allow me to label the pictures. I have tried with the program we are using and it is rather frustrating.

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