Cycle of Life – Toads

The annual toad orgy which produces tons of eggs and later turns the shallow waters near the shore of the pond black with the swimming bodies of thousands upon thousands of tadpoles. A few weeks later there are hundreds upon hundreds of miniature toads heading off in every direction from the pond. Nature is indeed incredible.

Check out this cool toad orgy video Deep Toad by ZeroX.

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  1. Irene Kaufman

    We have many miniature toads in our yard and lawn. Are these just baby toads? They seem to be the same size all spring & summer. They also seem to camouflage themselves by turning the color of their environment, green if in grass, black if on soil, brown if on gravel etc. What is their name? I’ve googled toads & miniature toads and cannot seem to find them.

    1. hellaD

      I wonder if they are miniature toads. I think from what I remember, this would be the time of year when they are still quite small. I think the toads you have must be different, ours didn’t have that camoflage ability. Googling doesn’t work very well for certain things eh? I can never identify plants by googling-and have to go get a book from the library…I be toads would be even harder. I suppose it probably depends on where you are as well. Where do you live?

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