NAFTA and The Fourth World War

In 1994 when Canada, US and Mexico first signed NAFTA into being, Subcommandante Marcos and the Zapatistas rose up to defend the little they had left. They have been fighting ever since. In my book Subcommandante Marcos is the original Anon. Slowly, but more rapidly now, the rest of us are waking up to the reality surrounding us. Last year was a good year for that, what with Wikileaks and the Occupy movements raising awareness exponentially. 2012 is already off on a good foot with dirt coming out left and right on the greedy elite.

What we are currently witnessing is the near completion of the 30 or 50 year plan dreamed up by narrow-minded and greedy men decades ago. This grand plan was put in place in order to centralise control of resources to the nth degree. Unfortunately, this destructive and mindless machine will roll onward down it’s predetermined road, no matter the cost to itself or anyone else. It will not be easy to stop, and it doesn’t know how to listen.

In the latest push towards more ‘harmonization’ at the border, Harper and Obama have declared they will be sharing more information about their citizens. Please check out The Corbett Report below for more information:

End of Nations: Canada, the US and the “Security Perimeter”

“The agreement in fact comprises two so-called “action plans,” one entitled Beyond The Border and the other the Regulatory Cooperation Council. The former plan focuses on border security with the explicit aim of creating a security perimeter that encompasses both countries. The latter is meant to harmonize regulations for business, facilitating cross-border trade.

The security agreement uses the threat of terrorism, crime and health securities to announce an increasing merger of the two countries’ border security, including an integrated entry-exit system that will involve full sharing of individuals’ biometric details between the two governments by 2014 and even the creation of integrated cross-border law enforcement teams with authority to collect intelligence and conduct criminal investigations on either side of the border.

The regulatory plan, meanwhile, aims to standardize agricultural regulations on such items as maximum pesticide residue limits as well as develop standards and regulations for potential future products and industries like nanotechnology.” Read More

We saw the direct result of this ‘harmonization’ for ‘ease of business’ just last week when a friend wasn’t permitted into Canada for no apparent reason. I have also heard that this streamlining of regulations will also permit a steady stream of unwanted genetically modified organisms into Canada.

Since we are waking up in the middle of a war it is sensible to turn to a seasoned veteran for advice. In the following video Subcomandante Marcos speaks out on what we can do — and most of us are already doing this — spreading the truth, not falling for the lies of the mainstream media. This speech is from 2009 but is still applicable.

Subcomandante Marcos on Neoliberalism and the Media

An address to the Free Media Conference from Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN. 2009.

“A global decomposition is taking place, we call it the Fourth World War: neoliberalism’s globalization attempt to eliminate that multitude of people who are not useful to the powerful, the groups called “minorities” in the mathematics of power, but who happen to be the majority population in the world.

We find ourselves in a world system willing to sacrifice millions of humans.

The truth that we build in our groups, our cities, our regions, our countries, will reach full potential if we join with other truths and realize that what is occurring in other parts of the world is also part of human history.

In August, 1996, we called for the creation of a network of independent media, a network of information. We need a network to resist the power of the lie that sells us this war that we call the Fourth World War. We need this network not only for our social movements but in this project of life, of humanity, a humanity that has a right to critical and truthful information.” -Subcommandante Marcos

Since 2009 when he gave this speech to 2012 independent media has flourished. With twitter, facebook and more ease of communication between countries and ideologies we are also seeing more diversity– interest in a range of issues and as a result we are all becoming more informed of the truth and how disgusting these greedy elite are. As we have seen in Egypt, the true depths of evil and manipulation they are willing to go to will be revealed.

This last video is just a little bit of history to help tie it all together. The excerpt is from Ronald Reagan’s Nov. 13, 1979 announcement of his candidacy for President. He outlines his vision for the economic unification of Canada, Mexico and the United States. The full-length video may be viewed in its entirety at the Reagan Foundation’s official Youtube channel

Origins of NAFTA: Ronald Reagan and the North American Union

“First, I would immediately seek the views and ideas of Canadian and Mexican leaders on this issue, and work tirelessly with them to develop closer ties among our peoples. It’s time we stopped thinking of our nearest neighbours as foreigners.

“By developing methods of working closely together, we’ll lay the foundations for future cooperation on a broader and more significant scale. We’ll also put to rest any doubts of those cynical enough to believe that the United States would seek to dominate any relationship between our three countries, or foolish enough to think that the governments and peoples of Canada and Mexico would ever permit such a domination to occur.

Now, let us work toward the goal of using the assets of this continent–its resources, technology and foodstuffs–in the most efficient ways possible for the common good of all its people.” (Ronald Reagan, Nov. 13, 1979)

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