Dump FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor

It is always helpful when you have a specific target to go after. It has great potential to succeed as it focuses and amplifies the determination of the people. This petition is a great idea and I for one can’t wait to see Michael (Monsanto Mike) Taylor dumped. This will be a good first step in cleaning up the FDA which is now a viper’s nest of Big Ag whores. I have just one thing to add–I’d like to nominate Wendell Berry to fill the position 😉 do I hear a second?

Please take a second to sign this petition from Food Democracy Now:

When Barack Obama ran for President he promised to end the “revolving door” between agribusiness lobbyists and government and to “regulate” factory farms. Unfortunately Obama’s decision to appoint Monsanto super lobbyist Michael Taylor as FDA Food Safety Czar broke the trust that the American people had placed in him during his campaign. Now Michael Taylor is heading up undercover investigations at the FDA into small raw milk dairy farmers that end in armed raids while the worst factory farm violators are getting away. It’s time for President Obama to stand up for real food safety and put an end to the assault against family farmers producing healthy food.

Tell President Obama to DUMP Monsanto Michael Taylor! It’s time to protect family farmers and stop letting Big Ag lobbyists write the rules.

A video posted by a friend on facebook today that will help to highlight the urgency of getting Corporations out of our food regulations:

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  1. Kim

    If this can happen I’m very sorry to say the people are truly powerless. This is wrong and a flagrant abuse of power!

  2. Dr. Henry A. Becker

    Mine is a voice from Canada saying the placement of a senior Monsanto veteran in charge of food safety is a travesty, a brazen corruption of power, threatening my food supply as well as the U.S. It’s a cruel joke on citizens, if a boon to the agricultural-industrial complex. I say be gone, and good riddance, and let there be a truly competent replacement dedicated to serving the consumer first and the ag-ind investor last, a long overdue ordering of priorities.

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