May Update – Health and Markets

It’s spring so there are a lot of transitions going on, this means a few things for Hella Delicious. I have mentioned this a couple times before, but my health is finally good enough that I can do things without collapsing from toxic overload–thank you GAPS diet! This was proven by our trip to Portland in April. Portland is also a great place to see a vibrant local economy at work, we loved it. It reminded me of night markets in S.E. Asia…the delicious food stalls with unique and authentic food on every corner, the night markets or festival markets held on full or dark moons….

I haven’t felt this good in years, thinking back I realise it was 6 years ago that we were first infested with mold in a slum in New Zealand. At the same time onions were our staple diet. It’s been a long miserable 6 years I must say, but I have learned a lot, especially about healing my gut. It is good to finally be well enough to start treating people again (as a craniosacral therapist). It’s also great to have enough energy to set up a stall and sell handmade items to support running this site. I just had the most fun I’ve had in ages selling aprons and truffles at Cedar Cottage Garden’s Spring Fling on May Day. There were a bunch of vendors set up in the lovely cobbled courtyard under the skytrain, surrounded by the community garden. It is on a sunny hill–a really lovely spot (to be honest I don’t want to spread the word too much until I make sure I have a plot!). I especially liked that it was so bee friendly. They have mason bees and a ground bee that lives in the lovely rock garden areas by the bottom of the hill. Beautiful purple flowers were already in full bloom.

I put out a clipboard for folks to sign if they were interested in Vancouver’s Underground Market–we got great response. There is huge interest in this market, we are very excited–the timing must be just right for such an idea. Whenever I think about it, I imagine it being such a delicious multicultural event, I start to drool a little bit. The San Francisco Underground Market organizes itself to have homegrown local produce and baked goods, canned or jams, crafts etc sold during the day and in the evening vendors sell foods made on the spot. They have some amazingly creative sidewalk cuisine. San Francisco, like Vancouver, is a very multicultural city. You can probably get a nibble from 20 different countries in about 2 hours or less if you pushed it ;) I think they also have alcohol so people under 21 need an adult with them in the evening. Check details here.

All of these changes and projects mean I have less time writing and posting articles for Hella Delicious, so I have to streamline my posts a little more. Of course this site is my full-time hobby and passion, so I will be posting regularly, but I also have to be practical and focus on making some money to support my blogging addiction :) . I’m making it as easy as possible for authors to post onto the site (check out my wordpress posting tutorial), I have managed to build up a wide and varied readership over the past 5 years. We have a few regular contributors but we would like more. Guest posts are also great. If anyone has DIY-type, guerilla-cultural, food, health, experiences/articles they would like to share, we would love to hear it. The Hella Delicious audience keeps growing and we like to offer a wide variety of topics and perspectives.

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