Should We Trust Industrial Dairies?

Are the huge dairy corporations saving or destroying our world? Providing good affordable food for all or breaking up local communities and livelihoods? How nieve are we exactly?

A simple google search of industrial dairies around the world reveals all sorts of dairy industry abuses, some of the main ones being uncontrolled growth and monopoly, disrespect for animals, consumers and traditional farmers, unstable price fluctuations, disease, disgusting environmental conditions, unrealistic government subsidization, overproduction…in short global disarray. Their exponential growth models are unsustainable–clearly not working and definitely not providing the ‘hungry masses’ they claim to be so concerned about with healthy food.

As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Is this really what we want our world to be? When is it enough? We have alternatives, we just have to choose them. Local, small scale cowshares like OurCows are one of the practical solutions. In many of our ancestral traditions, milk was mankind’s first food. Traditional communities in India have treated cows with respect and reverence for millenia. Perhaps we need to take a page from our past for once, and get back to living like Heidi again 😉

Historical Timeline: A brief history of cow’s milk, from the ancient world to the present

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India is an interesting case, from these articles we can follow how large corporations are destroying more traditional independent cooperatives:


Poland is also an interesting example as it underwent drastic changes in it’s dairy industry when it joined the EU.
Restructuring Polish Countryside

“I don’t think you understand what EU policy is. Our objective is to ensure that farmers receive the same salary parity as white collar workers in the cities. The only way to achieve this is by restructuring and modernising old fashioned Polish farms to enable them to compete with other countries agricultural economies and the global market. To do this it will be necessary to shift around one million farmers off the land and encourage them to take city and service industry jobs to improve their economic position. The remaining farms will be made competitive with their counterparts in western Europe.”


Jan 27, 20011: PepsiCo purchase of Russia dairy giant
The head of a prominent Russian dairy has said he will sack employees who have abortions or refuse to be married in Russian Orthodox Church ceremonies.

North America:

Please be warned, the videos in this section are very disturbing.

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  1. Richard

    Umm….. no.

    Obviously we need to look at alternatives.

    Other than doing what most people are choosing.

    Which is to drop milk entirely from their diet.

    Oh, and good luck folks, with all those soy substitutes!

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