Freedom in Crisis: Bill C-36–Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Act

Please visit the NHPPA website to get involved. Contact your representatives immediately.

Canada is currently at a crossroads. This bill if passed undermines rule of law and will allow for armed invasions of raw food co-ops just as has been happening in the USA over the last few years. Please take a few minutes to watch Shawn Buckley’s open letter to the Senate requesting that they hear what he has to say.

Media Release – Dec 6, 2010

Liberal Senator Callbeck states, “We have been, as I say, requested by dozens and dozens of people to do this. As I have expressed before at the committee, I would like for us to hear from him. As Senator Cordy has said, we had four panels and three were from the government. We have only had one panel from the general public.”

Senator Day acknowledges that Shawn Buckley “is probably the most knowledgeable person in Canada regarding this legislation.” Buckley is a recognized constitutional and legal expert whom a growing number of Canadians consider to be their spokesperson.

His concern is for the long list of civil rights violations this Bill had at its inception, which have not been addressed by cosmetic amendments.

Buckley maintains that Bill C-36 as it is written will shake the legal foundation of Canada by removing the rule of law. “Bill C-36 is sold to us as necessary for our safety,” says Buckley, “but if I’m correct, this bill represents one of the most unsafe legal moves – certainly in my lifetime.” Read full Media Release here.

This is from the Northshore Naturopathic Clinic monthly update:

Shawn Buckley, lawyer and President of the NHPPA (National Health Products Protection Association) is giving a cross-country lecture tour—Freedom in Crisis—November 18 to December 7 to alert the public about the potential threat to rights and freedoms that Bill C-36 poses, as well as to the negative impact the Natural Health Product Regulations will have on NHP businesses and consumers as the regulations come into full force.

Learn how the Natural Health Product Regulations have Health Canada poised to raid legitimate business and how they have been pulling products we’ve taken for granted off store shelves. At the same time, Bill C-36: Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Act, if passed, will attack manufacturers’ and consumers’ constitutional and legal rights. Hear the life and death implications of taking natural health products from the market and understand how a new law (Bill C-36) will elevate unelected, untrained government inspectors above the rule of law.

The more people we can reach, educate, get angry and get active, the better chance we have to re-set this unfair trajectory. Health Canada’s NHP Regulations have been set up to begin greater enforcement in 2011. Bill C-36 is in Second Reading in Senate (when this was written), but is affecting Canadians even now.

It is not ‘too late’. It is not an exercise in futility to ‘challenge the government’. In the face of such powerful opposition we all have a tendency to accept the status quo. But we can change, we need not be quieted into submission.

Canadians’ outrage has moved the government before.

Click here to find out more about the lecture tour.

To read the press release about the Freedom in Crisis Lecture Tour, click here.

To read an article in the National Post about Bill C-36, here.

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  1. Rachel M

    Bill C-36 is an attack on our freedom to access health preserving and life dependent treatments in Canada.

    While this affects all Canadians, I will comment further on the affect it has on those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Autism is becoming epidemic in Canada and around the world. Canadian Autism Agencies assume the CDC report for Autism Rates to be the same for Canada. This rate is now 1 in 91 children and 1 in 58 boys.(Source: )

    Autism is a physical health condition that affects the brain. Biomedical Intervention has successfully treated and even reversed autism diagnoses for many. This treatment requires high product lines, that are high quality, and often free from various additives, fillers and allergens such as soy, corn, lactose, dairy etc.. Most Autistics rely on specialty supplement manufacturers to cater to their unique needs.

    With Bill C-36, Health Canada has prevented Autistics from being able to maintain their gains, from reaching recovery and prevent others from ever be able to try many of the intervention healing protocols. Brand names like Kirkmans, specialize in autism supplements, which in our case autistic son’s case, represents 90% of our supplement protocol, yet non of these have a NPN number.

    What happens to Parents that take it upon themselves to drive over the border, into the US, to buy the supplements for their children? What if Canada customs searched a parent and found some enzymes, probiotics, or perhaps a bottle of vitamins or minerals that do not have a NPN? Will desperate parents trying to get treatments for their Autistic children be charged and or thrown in JAIL?

    Health Canada is attacking Autistics and all Canadians from life saving non pharmaceutical treatments. All Canadians need to get ACTIVE and demand our MP’s to stop this Bill C-36 NOW!

    1. hellaD

      Thanks so much Rachel for sharing your experiences and for bringing to our attention this direct result that this C-36 bill has on Autistic children and families.

  2. Loretta Williams

    Hypothyroidsim, 1989
    Raw Andreanals 1998 for two years
    Thyroid has been healthy nad needs no medication other than ocassional iodine

    Heart issues resolved while awaiting tests results with the use of Vit E and a couple other NHP

    Serious liver & kidney tumors / cysts – Been to the US NIH, and the are ‘surprised’ I’m ok…..Genetics doctor in Canada last March, says I’m in remission.

    WHAT WILL I DO WHEN I CANNOT GET MY NHP’S. I have many products, I cycle on and off to maintain my health!!

    Good Luck to Shawn Buckley! I refer people constantly to your videos.

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