Wise Traditions London 2011 – DVDs Available Now

With the Wise Traditions conference here in the US just around the corner I thought it appropriate to post this series of DVDs from the London 2011 Conference. Great series. Samples from many of the talks are available on Vimeo here. Unfortunately I’m not gonna be at the conference this year. Too much going on! I am just barely getting back on my feet after a week of a biodynamic craniosacral therapy training followed by the Raw Milk Rally with Michael Schmidt on day 33 of his hunger strike. Thanks be to God he is eating again now.

Wise Traditions London 2011 – Conference DVD available now

The London Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation held its second annual conference this year in London, England, featuring seven speakers from USA and Europe and a special movie preview of Trufflepig Film’s soon to be released “The Moo Man”.

I have posted videos from the conference in London on various occasions, and so I was given a message to pass on to everyone from England:

We are pleased to announce that the full 14 hours of the conference, with live video and slides, are now available worldwide on four DVDs for the introductory price of just $40 / £25 + free shipping in the USA & Europe, making them the ideal treat for yourself and Christmas/Birthday present for friends and family!

Please visit westonaprice.org/london to purchase DVDs, view preview clips, watch free videos of the 2010 conference, to join our mailing list and find our contact details.

Your purchase will help fund future conferences in England and we hope to see the message of the Weston A. Price Foundation continue to grow in the UK and Europe. This Foundation’s message is important now more than ever, with the British Prime Minister proposing a punitive tax on products with greater than 2.6% saturated fat. A tax which has already been imposed upon Denmark and the ironically named Hungary and which is being discussed by some American lawmakers, all the while being surreptitiously promoted for the corporations by the World Health Organisation to impose the USDA’s dietary guidelines upon the entire world.

Our next annual conference will be held March 17th 2012 at Epsom Downs Racecourse in London, featuring an exciting group of speakers including Sally Fallon-Morell. We hope to continue to promote familiar speakers to a new audience here and discover local speakers who can infuse our movement with fresh ideas, as has been achieved by the inspirational Wise Traditions conference in America.

Speakers: Kaayla T. Daniel PhD CCN; Dr Malcolm Kendrick MD; Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, Barry Groves PhD; Zoe Harcombe MA; Graham Harvey & Jerry Brunetti.

DVD ROM with PowerPoint presentations for download.

Continuing Professional Development (11 hours), accredited by the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy.

A couple sample videos from the collection. More can be viewed here.

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