GAPS/SCD Full Moon Roundup

We have been on the GAP Syndrome diet for a year now. The improvements to our health, immunity, emotional stability and energy levels are remarkable. We owe a lot to Natasha Campbell McBride for her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. As she says at the Wise Traditions 2010 UK conference, gut flora are very important. “All illness begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates

It’s great to get involved in the recipe bloghop/carnivals that are going on in the blogosphere. These bloghops work really well for recipes and for those of us on the GAP Syndrome or Specific Carbohydrate Diet it is really nice to have some of these unique recipes gathered together in one place. As a result we are starting the Full Moon GAP Syndrome Roundup. Every week we have a Grain-Free Tuesday bloghop–please stop by and join us for that. Link up your favorite GAPS, SCD or paleo recipes, experiences or resources. Once a month we will collect favorites and post them all together on the Full Moon. We want to build the GAPS community so feel free to even just share your website so we can all link up and follow each other on facebook and twitter.

Wise Traditions UK 2010 – Natasha Campbell-McBride from Wise Traditions UK on Vimeo.

While on this diet I have come to appreciate longer, slower cycles. Generally I focus on detoxing from the full moon to the new moon and on building up the body from the new moon to the full moon, following these cycles help assist your healing processes. While on the GAPS diet it is important to do a lot of detoxing, which is why I mention this, feel free to post your favorite methods of detoxing as well.

Here are some of my favorite links to really good information about what is the GAP Syndrome diet and how to get started yourself. In the world we live in right now, I actually highly recommend this diet for everyone. We all need to get our gut flora healthy, all of us have had at least one course of antibiotics that have damaged our intestinal flora.

GAPS/SCD Full Moon Roundup

We are starting this project off with a linky, so please join the fun and add your link. Don’t forget to join us for Grain-Free Tuesdays to have your recipes and experiences added into our future Full Moon GAP Syndrome Roundups! Good eating :)

All the normal rules for a bloghop would normally apply–post one link only, link back to this post in your article and leave a comment below. Our goal is to provide really helpful resources to people interested in, or starting out on, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, feel free to just share your favorite link. We especially love to hear anyone’s personal experiences, struggles and solutions. Thanks so much in advance!

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