Himalayan Crystal Salt


After I contracted typhoid in 2006 at a pagoda in Yangon/Rangoon, Burma/Myanmar I was put on a course of serious antibiotics for ten days which completely wiped out any beneficial flora I had established in my intestines. Not only does it take at least three months to recover from typhoid but it takes at least a year to re-establish the proper balance of micro-organisms within the digestive tract after a course of antibiotics, therefore I have been eating very carefully ever since the experience.

Despite my careful diet I have yet to regain the full digestive abilities I previously had been so proud of. I tried various fasts and dietary regimes to try to help speed recovery, drinking raw goats milk, making yogurt and religiously avoiding processed foods.

I was beginning to worry that I would never be my old self when Tony Knight the owner of Lotus Magik World based in New Zealand sent me a bag of Himalayan crystal salt, recommending that I try it out. I had never really thought too much about salt apart from assuming that unrefined sea salt is probably better for our bodies than highly processed table salt. As a result I had always wanted to try the Himalayan crystal salt but had never felt I could justify spending very much for a bag of it.

After cooking exclusively with the Himalayan salt for about three weeks I woke up one morning and realized I had my old energy levels back. My digestive tract was in good enough condition to handle a week of Halloween candy, whereas previously one day of eating refined flour and sugar was enough to give me bleeding hemorrhoids and serious mood swings. I hadn’t changed anything else in my diet in the last three weeks. I hadn’t expected to experience any physical changes from using this salt, so it couldn’t have been psycho-somatic either.

Whenever I have been in cold weather and my nose starts to run I have instantly gotten dry, cracked and inflamed nostrils. This had happened to me again earlier in the year when we had a brief cold flash. In the month after using Himalayan salt I realized that it had been cold for two weeks and my nose was fine. I had earlier come to the conclusion that my mucous must be too acidic for my sensitive nasal membranes.

After these experiences I decided to have a look at the health benefits of using Himalayan crystal salt. A few of the main benefits of this salt include alkalinizing your body, promoting digestion and healing of the digestive tract and balancing the body’s fluids, including blood pressure, through homeostasis. There are many more benefits attributed to this salt and I highly recommend having a look at a the sites listed below that go into more detail.

Himalayan crystal salt is mined by hand from huge mountains in Pakistan which 250 million years ago was the bed of the ocean. There are large deposits of this salt available, from a time when the world’s ocean’s had not been polluted with a wide variety of human-kind’s waste, accidents and stupidity.

This salt can be used in a variety of ways not only in cooking, but in skin-creams, baths, and as lamps. I have researched this extensively over the internet and have put together some of the links that I found to be the most informative and interesting:


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  2. Talia Smith

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  3. Alice Tegenfeldt

    This sounds SO good! I have 2 friends who have serious intestinal problems, so will pass this info. on to them.

  4. Sharmila Daniel

    Damn it, you have a lemon verbena plant in your kitchen. I hate you. I want one. That as well as my own gallangal and Kafir lime plants. Looks lovely, your recipe, though I’d use fresh salmon instead of the smoked — snobby about my salmon I guess. Great website too. Can’t abide the salmon/cream cheese things that pop up trying to pass for sushi.

    You must email me back. I did get your message though the Dalat thing, but couldn’t get get back or something. I’m in Astoira, NYC now.

    Sharmila (DIdi) Daniel

  5. That is quite amazing. I hadn’t heard there is health benefits with salt before. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll certainly be taking a closer look.

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