You Need to Know About Codex Alimentarius

In order to understand what is going on with all the recent crack downs on cowshares, private food clubs and restrictions on herbal remedies it is important to know about the set of food regulations called Codex Alimentarius which are now in play in both the EU and North America. Gaia-Health is a website that has very well written articles explaining some of the crazy laws and regulations that are being pushed on us, I highly recommend spending some time on her site and checking out some of the info there. This article helps to understand codex alimentarius, where it comes from, it’s historical significance as well as where these regulations are taking us. Please click here for the full article.

Codex Alimentarius Is Not a Medieval Cabal

Codex Alimentarius isn’t from antiquity, but it’s having a draconian impact on our most basic rights. You need to know what it is and what it’s doing. -by Heidi Stevenson

Codex Alimentarius sounds like a medieval cabal, an ancient dark plot against…well, food. It is a plot and it is about food, but it doesn’t date back to antiquity. It goes back only to 1961, when it was formed by a joint effort of the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization under the auspices of the United Nations (UN).

Codex Alimentarius’ Purpose

Codex is not a governing body, at least not directly. It does, however, wield enormous power. The rules they set for foods, supplements, and herbs are the ones that the UN, governments the world over, and world agencies promote.

To best understand the purpose and focus of Codex, one need only look to their own General Principles, which state, “The publication of the Codex Alimentarius is intended to guide and promote the elaboration and establishment of definitions and requirements for foods to assist in their harmonization and in doing so to facilitate international trade.”(1)

The primary focus has nothing to do with health. Its purpose is to ease international trade. This is the key to understanding what’s happening. Although the new restrictive rules against vitamins, supplements, and herbs are being sold as being for our health and safety, that is nothing but a marketing spin. The real purpose of Codex Alimentarius is to promote the easing of international trade, termed harmonization, for the benefit of multinational corporations. It’s about control of our food and medicinal treatment because they are massive profit centers.

Codex Alimentarius is almost completely controlled—with only one exception, the National Health Federation—by Big Pharma and Agribusiness. Therefore, the trade that Codex attempts to ease has nothing to do with small or home-based businesses. Even medium-sized companies, such as most health food chains, are at risk as Codex rules are implemented. The only beneficiaries of these rules will be Big Pharma, Agribusiness, and by extension, Big Medicine, which will hold the keys to controlling most of the access to products that, until now, have been freely available. Read More.

Video of FDA agents raiding local food Co-op:

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