Open Letter to Global Cowshare Community

Hella Delicious is extending the use of this website to cowshare and food co-op members all over the world to be used as a community resource. The avatar hellaD was created in 2007 as a global representative for pure and unadulterated foods–including milk–and to support diverse traditional food-oriented cultures around the world. As such hellaD lives all over the world because she/he is a conglomeration of hundreds of people.

hellaD is an umbrella avatar for people who can’t use their real names without fear of loosing access to true and pure raw milk and for people who fear for their safety. Hella Delicious is place to speak your truth without fear of reprisals. It is very important to get our message to the wider public who are currently being brainwashed by anti-raw-milk propaganda that is constantly forced on them.

Hella Delicious is a valuable resource for our community which isn’t being fully utilized. This website is unique in that it has a broad focus and therefore reaches thousands of people who are not already involved in the raw milk movement.

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It is unlikely government representatives are suddenly going to buck the ingrained system and courageously take a stand against their financial backing from big industry. As we have seen, especially in Canada, the Dairy cartel has a firm grip on government resources. The best hope the food freedom movement has is to win the hearts and minds of the general populace. We need to educate people about the importance of probiotics for their immunity, intestinal and mental health. We can’t do this if we aren’t able to speak up about our personal experiences healing ourselves and our families with raw milk and other pure and raw foods. We need to let the world know that we are normal people–in fact, most of us are mothers who are doing the best we can for our children in an increasingly toxic world. Unlike how mainstream media likes to portray us, we aren’t all crazy fundamentalist Christians or government-hating hippies. We need massive support from the public to break through this institutionalised mentality.

Raw milk lovers come from a wide variety of very diverse cultures and religions, we have much in common through our love for unadulterated food from animals and plants that we know are well loved and respectfully cared for. As such we are creating a culture of respect for diversity and love for people of all religions and walks of life. We are creating a multicultural community which is completely contrary to the current atmosphere of fear of anything ‘different’ which is being promoted by mass media.

If anyone has any time to help us keep a regular stream of information, recipes, personal healing accounts, research, photos, jokes, and anything else anyone can think of, posted this will keep our message constantly circulating. Repetition is the key as the advertising industry well knows.

We are struggling to keep on top of this as Hella Delicious has no financial backing from anyone–not the raw milk community, other food co-ops, the herbal and supplement industry–or anyone else. We don’t get any grants, we are not a non-profit and we don’t run annoying ads–as you can see our ad space is used to support the real milk defence fund (ok we have an ad for Kombucha but haven’t made a cent with it). Anyone who would like to volunteer will learn valuable skills in social media as well as blogging–we are happy to train you. This will also help to free up our time to make more short educational videos about our health and raw milk. Please understand if we don’t respond immediately us as we also have regular jobs on top of running this full time public education website for free.

Again, if anyone would like to share their experiences with cows, raw milk, cooking and healing we will be happy to post them, please just fill in the comment form below or use the contact form.

If you need a place to rant and rail and just let out your frustration we are happy to post so that your voice can be heard. If you would like to post anonymously you can do that, if you prefer to speak out openly under your own name we have no problem with that, if you want to use your own avatar that is fine, if you want to post under the hellaD avatar feel free to do that. Just let us know what you need to do and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Once again, if anyone is interested in taking it a step further and helping to post articles and recipes, please contact us and lets get the raw milk buzz rocking the streets! We are really desperate for some help.

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  1. Margo McIntosh

    It looks like hellaD and the Canadian Raw MIlk Consumer Advocacy Group have the same intent and that we could help each other. We are collecting signatures at our website and are producing a package of information for Canadian politicians about raw milk. We as well as hellaD need massive amounts of consumer support to make this work. We need to keep posting and talking and spreading the word. We have science information on our forum at and are looking for personal stories as well. If we both post whatever is shared we will reach far more people. It is time to speak up raw milk consumers in Canada! Lets create such a force that government can no longer ignore us!

    Hella Delicious – lets talk about how we can help each other in this project. Please contact me. You have my e-mail address and you can contact me also at in**@ra*************.ca.

  2. Jan Steinman

    Follow the money… this goes far beyond the dairy cartel!

    In many areas of BC at least, the dairy industry has strong ties to Monsanto. This goes back to the rBGH struggle, which Monsanto has never forgotten. Today, the dairy industry is the biggest user of GM corn in many places — often the ONLY user of a GM crop.

    I just returned from an organic seed conference in Duncan, and many of those there reported that they are effectively unable to produce organic seed corn because the local dairies are growing GM corn, whose pollen drifts long distances and contaminates organic corn grown for seed. Corn for dairy is just about the only GM product being grown on Vancouver Island.

    The city of Richmond, BC, recently courageously declared themselves a GMO-free-zone, but they should have added “almost” to that declaration, as three dairies that use GM corn were exempted. Given that the normally quiet city council chambers was overflowing with GM-ban supporters for the final hearing, the exemption of three dairies speaks volumes of the power and influence of the industrial dairy complex.

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