Why the Swiss Prefer to Make Raw Milk Cheese

Since I can’t embed this video just follow this link to get to the original story and video. This is a really good, very detailed, fair examination of making soft cheese in Switzerland. It also describes how, with our modern hygiene, technology and understanding of bacteria and yeasts, it is actually much safer to use raw milk from healthy cows than it used to be. It also spells out why there is no guarantee that using heat-treated or pasteurized milk will prevent food-borne illnesses.

Click here for video.

In 1987, a listeria outbreak killed 34 people and led to the removal of Vacherin cheeses from the Swiss marketplace, leaving mountains of rotting dairy and casting a shadow over all soft cheeses—and especially raw milk. Nevermind that Swiss Vacherin was already being heat-treated at the time. Today, there’s a resurgence of interest in raw milk and raw milk cheeses. More and more people are pointing to its lifelong benefits, saying they outweigh the risks—and some experts say Switzerland’s high quality raw milk cheeses are its only hope of competing on the marketplace. ABE, the Consumer Show investigates: Watch News Report here.

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