Grain-Free Tuesdays 9

Welcome back to Grain-Free Tuesdays! We are very happy to see you again. This linky is a resource for folks on the GAPS/SCD or Paleo diets so please only post recipes and content that follows the guidelines for those diets. This means NO sugar of any kind, only honey and fruits.

A grain-free diet is not only very good for you but also a practical way to boycott industrial agriculture and support family farms. Most processed foods contain some kind of grain–it is a cheap filler, allowing the manufacturers to make more profit. A grain-free diet is also good for your gut and promotes diversity. There is currently a huge demand for nutritional information, experiences and recipes for folks on the GAPS diet or who are simply grain-free. I just love all the amazing and creative ways people are discovering for cooking grain-free. It is not only fun but gets you to think out of the box.

Anyone not on a grain-free diet, please join us for World Food Thursdays and celebrate the delicious diversity of foods around the globe.

A big apology for getting this bloghop up so late today. We had a crazy weekend. We got to our taxes so last minute I was just lucky to find a post office open late Saturday evening. Then I was up all night making delicious (GAPS-friendly) Date and Hazelnut Truffles for the May Day market at a local community garden. We had a lovely sunny day, I even got my first sunburn of the year. I sold three aprons and a bunch of truffles, and had a great time. What a fun group of people. I even developed an extra delicious flavor made with my honey-candied lemon zest, goji berries and coconut.

We were completely wiped out after that! I have just been looking for gifts for Mother’s Day and found some really cool vintage kitchen tools and accessories. I put them together into collections as I wish I had more mothers and more money so I could buy all of these things! ArtFire is the online community that I sell my handmade items through and I really like it, I found Etsy to be a bit snobby, they seem to have no online support. I know it is late, but if you are still looking for gifts for Mother’s Day check here. The collection below has some very lovely and practical items be sure to check my other collections as well:

I need to spend some time getting my store re-stocked as I have some very nice handmade material from various ethnic groups of Myanmar (Burma). It is also time to get the garden going here in Vancouver so I have my seeds out. The one of the last varieties of cherry blossoms are full bloom now, I can see them from my window, and it is a nice sunny day for once! I am sure like me, many of you have feet itching to be outdoors. With my health so improved from the GAPS diet over the last 16 months I have more energy than I have had in years. This is good and bad as I am now healthy enough to build a more regular craniosacral practice as well as have more energy to put into building the Underground market and getting involved other communities–I’m getting a plot in the Cedar Cottage community garden as well as sharing a yard with a friend. But all of this means I won’t have as much time to put into the website. Of course I am now so involved with this full-time hobby that I can’t stay away from it, but I will have to try to be more streamlined with my posts. We are also going to have more guest posts and contributors, and Hella Delicious is moving towards being more of a community as well.

Again, I am very sorry to be getting this bloghop up so late today! If anyone is interested in hosting it with me please drop me a note 🙂

I invite all of you to join us at the SCD/GAPS facebook community and get involved! Share links to your sites as a resource for other people. The GAPS diet has been called the mother of all diets. It helps with everything from radiation to cancer to allergies to digestive issues, and lets not forget how great it is for balancing moods. Lots of folks these days are on a gluten-free diet which isn’t doing the trick. Lets help spread the word, the more people who are functioning optimally without the neurotic behavior caused by processed diets, the better chance we have for healing the world and creating peace.

I will also be retweeting articles posted here with the hashtag #grainfree. This gives them the opportunity to show up in the Grain-Free Daily, so don’t forget to retweet — and get yourself in the paper by using the hashtag #grainfree.

This bloghop is based on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet. It is grain-free, sugar-free and processed-food free–no industrially processed fats either (in particular canola). Please only use honey or fruit as sweeteners, other natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and agave are not used on the GAPS or SCD diets. Natural stevia is OK too. Fermented foods are highly encouraged!

Please share your favorite grain-free or fermentation recipes, GAPS experiences or resources, tips on cooking from scratch, homemade cleaning products or cosmetics, herbal remedies or even your favorite way to detox. Detoxing is a very important part of the GAPS diet, and many people who are on the GAPS diet are sensitive to industrial chemicals and prefer to make their own shampoo, dishwashing detergent and soaps.

Please be sure to link back to this post and leave us a comment at the bottom.

Please just share one link each week.

Please also tweet, stumble, digg and/or share this post on facebook–I will also share your links. In the meantime, happy cooking, eating and connecting with local farmers 🙂

The Linky will open Monday evening around 10:00 (Pacific coast time) and be open all week. Happy Eating! May your gut flora be as diverse, plentiful and beautiful as the stars in the sky and the flowers on the earth.

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