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Hella Delicious isn’t just about Real, Delicious, Slow, Traditional & World foods it’s a gateway to a new way of being. Food is the basis of everything–it is where culture originates. With the rise of fast-food chains, Walmart, Monsanto etc… authentic culture in North America and the world is being eroded. Is this all bad? Maybe not–it is up to us. Now we have a chance to examine history, to think, understand and make informed choices about how we want to live.

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There is a huge grassroots movement creating a sustainable earth with respect for the diversity of all life-forms. Hella Delicious is here to assist and promote the conscious creation of new rituals. Food is a great place to start. As we take control of our daily rituals of cooking, cleaning and eating, we bring dignity and awareness into this basic area of our lives. This in turn fills every aspect of living.

To help facilitate various methods of creating our Green World we have put together various ways to share, interact and spread the message. It is important to not only build community in the ethers of virtual reality, but to bring it down into the physical world.

Various Ways to Get Involved:

  • For folks who don’t use the computer much we have fliers and PDFs to download post around town to promote this movement.
  • Folks who don’t have their own blog can submit articles, photos and recipes to Hella Delicious which we will post in our Guest Blog section. Send us a note via the contact form. Have a look around the site to get an idea of the sort of content we publish. We have an unconventional understanding of various things–nutrition being the big one–we like traditional food-preparation techniques, grass-fed animal fats and raw milk. If you enjoy writing articles once in a while and that is all you have time for let us know and we will consider adding you as a regular contributor to Hella Delicious.
  • Folks who are just starting up their own creative business can send in a bio and photos for Hella Delicious’ Business of the Month. This is geared particularly for people just starting out, who may not have a website–just an online store. This can include handmade salves, art, crafts or even bodywork, personal chefs etc. Send us a note via the contact form.
  • For folks who would like to get started with creating their own blog I recommend using www.wordpress.com. It is an open source blogging platform with very helpful tutorials at www.wordpress.tv. This is a good one especially if your website does well and you move to your own domain. Once you know how to use wordpress you can always be in control of your own content, plus the open source movement is an important gateway to our Green Earth.
  • Once you have your blog, you will want to get connected with other like-minded folk. A really good way to do this is to do guest posts for Hella Delicious. Another handy tool for getting more folk to visit your site is the linkytool. This allows people to add their links easily to your posts. You can also add your links to other people’s bloghops. Hella Delicious hosts Grain-Free Tuesdays and the Foodie’s Follow Friday Bloghop which are great places to promote your site.
  • For folks who are involved in social networking we have various resources for getting connected. Check out the Real Milk Revolution for tips on getting the buzz up about raw milk, real food and getting rid of factory farms. We constantly update our twitter list realfoodlovers and realrevolutionaries so you can easily find other like-minded people on twitter. For some basic tips on blogging and social networking check out this article.

Supporting the Movement

If you are looking for ways to make money to support your blog there are various options to consider. We tried google ads and found them extremely annoying. We tried a donate button without any success. I don’t like spending time looking for affiliates so we don’t have experience in that area. After the wikileaks fiasco we chose to boycott Amazon. Other websites charge for their cooking videos, but we believe it is important to keep this information freely available. Sponsorship can be successful, via sites like kickstarter or indiegogo.

If you would like to sponsor a Hella Delicious episode, please contact us

We recently started using Flattr. This is a new platform, geared to help people share money as well as content. We really like how it works–you put in however much money you want each month. The minimum is 2 Euros. This money is then divided up between all the posts you flattr each month. You will see a flattr button on the bottom of each post, simply click the button and support the site with a bit of money. Every click is a huge help since we don’t advertise. Hella Delicious has provided quality information for free since 2006.

We also like zazzle. You will see on most recipes a link to a recipe card. We also sell calendars and other branded items such as aprons and t-shirts. These are handy promotional items. When you buy them you not only help promote this delicious culture, but a percentage of that money supports this website.

An online handmade store is a good addition to a blog. So far Hella Delicious is mostly supported by our hand-crafted, wild foraged yarrow stalks (we sell about one set a month). We have other items available in our online store such as upcycled aprons and soapnuts. We plan to add a line of herbal remedies and spice mixes.

All original content on Hella Delicious is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Newgrabs and some guest posts are under different licences. Please feel free to repost, promote, use and share most information and images you find here. We ask that you be sure to reference and link back to Hella Delicious. Please also take a second to promote Hella Delicious by giving us tweet, stumble, digg etc if you use our content. We appreciate everything you do to help share the information provided here–especially if it is going towards creating a world of compassion, understanding, healing and creativity.