Transmogrify Your Water

waterWe grew up on some of the best water in the world, it was definitely the tastiest. As a matter of fact, my sister stopped drinking water when she left PNG, she says nothing comes close to that sweet rain-water and its just too much of a let-down to drink any other! We lived in a village 6,000 feet high in Papua New Guinea. We had three huge water tanks behind our house that collected rain water. Every morning and evening each of us kids had to do 200 pumps, by hand, to get the water to the water tank on the roof of our house so that we could have running water indoors. We also had a solar panel to heat our water, since we didn’t have electricity.

Recently we watched the documentary Blue Gold: World Water Wars, which everyone must see. Water must remain a basic right. Affordable clean water is a common property of all humanity, animals and plants. Recently the information about bisphenol A and how it is leaching into water from the plastic bottles that have become all the rage has put the focus back on public water and the cleanliness of that supply. Around the world countries are taking fluoride out of their public water and it has also been found that high levels of pharmaceuticals — statins, birth control, antibiotics, prozac — you name it are in our drinking water.

I got involved with the multilevel marketing company EQUINOX in 1998, their main product was water filters and even though I ended up loosing all my money and more with that business venture, I did learn a lot about water. My next job was with Clean Water Action as a result. I have yet to hear of a filtration unit that is guaranteed to remove drugs and hormones from drinking water. This is a pretty depressing situation all in all. Fortunately we are currently living in Vancouver, BC which has some of the best water in the world coming down from the Rockies, New York is another area with great water.

loved waterYears ago I heard of Masaru Emoto the Japanese researcher, who wrote the book Love Yourself: The Message from Water. Mr. Emoto takes water from various sources, freezes it, and then magnifies and photographs the crystals. He has found that thoughts will change the structure of the crystals and by taping words such as ‘love’ and ‘thank you’ to a bottle of water and leaving it overnight will bring more cohesion to the crystal that forms in the morning. Water is the most malleable substance and will take on any physical shape that it is placed in, it is also receptive to thoughts and vibrations. The movie What the Bleep Do We Know is a very interesting look into how our thoughts and energies effect each other as well as ourselves and is a good example of how we can use this to our advantage.

I have taken this information to heart and keep water overnight in bottles I have labeled with “THANK YOU” and “LOVE” before drinking it. Putting fresh mint or other herbs into water overnight before drinking it will also help to remove chlorine and some of the other chemicals that might be in the water. I use coriander because I think a lot of metal from my pipes is leaching into the water. If you have copper or lead pipes it would be a good idea to get a water filter, but if you can’t afford one, there is no harm but great benefit in performing these other rituals to bless and heal your water before drinking or watering your plants with it.

Another simple but effective treatment for small amounts of water is to put it in a clear bottle in the sunlight for about 6 hours, this will kill many pathogens and is used in remote areas around the world. It is called Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS). The radiation from the UV-A waves and heat are what remove the unwanted micro-organisms from the water.

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