Bruce Lipton – The Evolution of the Butterfly

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“The Evolution of the Butterfly,” a four-minute short by filmmaker Abraham Heisler, features the renowned cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton narrating the process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly over footage Heisler shot of the early stages of Occupy Wall Street. Like a caterpillar, which must change its form to survive, our society birthed a revolutionary movement when it became evident that the system the 1% built was no longer sustainable for humanity. After society broke down and went into its metaphorical cocoon (triggered by the economic collapse), unique individuals came together, carrying with them the blueprint for a beautiful new structure, mirroring the cellular process of the caterpillar as it takes on a new form.

“Large scale social movements like #OWS are bringing together imaginal cells to create the blueprint of a new society,” Heisler said. “We see it in general assemblies and the hope and inspiration found in the process of direct democracy and social justice.”

This film is an elaboration on the ideas of Dr. Lipton, who believes that “humanity is on the brink of a spontaneous evolution.” (See Dr. Bruce Lipton describe his view of the New Biology here.)

This enlightened thinking is the next phase of our evolution as a species. As “the butterfly is an evolutionary advance over the caterpillar,” so the Occupy Movement is an advance over an economically unjust society.

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