SeedStock – Vancouver’s Community Currency

Seedstock Seedbomb! from agorabora on Vimeo.

Seedstock, is a community currency for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We believe that community currencies can improve the connectedness of communities, support local, independent businesses, encourage a more vibrant and diverse local economy while generating new community resources for community initiatives to realise its visions.

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As many of you are already aware, I have been working hard over the past few months together with a small group of dedicated collaborators to bring a bold idea from conception to action: what if we could create a community currency for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland that helps change the economics of local– making it pay for local farmers to feed our city, freeing the creative among us to earn a livelihood in full expression of their gifts, and that gives young Vancouverites a viable alternative to working for the corporations that would transform our city into a carbon export gateway. What if, at the same time, that currency could help communities generate their own resources to help realise the collective visions of their citizens?

This is what we want to accomplish with SeedStock, a community currency for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with a particular focus on local food, local arts and handicrafts, and local healers. Over the past couple of months we have been busy developing our ideas, expanding our networks and forging a talented and passionate team ready to take this forward.

We are now asking for the support of everyone who shares our vision via our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo to raise the modest amount of seed money we need to see this project off to a good start.

Please also show your support for what we’re doing on our Facebook page.

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