Rethink the Concept of Banks and Currencies

There is a growing movement in North America towards public banking and debt free money, spearheaded by Ellen Brown and Bill Still. We have posted several articles and videos on this topic here. Vancouver has it’s own project to develop a community currency called SeedStock –you can get involved and support this project here. Jem Bendell lays it all out in this Rebuild21 video.

Rethinking Finance

The world of finance is changing. Challenged by the public opinion, government regulation and new online start-ups, it’s time for the Financial Sector to reinvent itself.

What will banks of the 21st century look like? Well not like you think! According to Jem Bendell Rebuild21 speaker we need to rethink the concept of banks and currencies for a more sustainable 21st century.

Jem Bendell is a professor and the owner-director of Lifeworth Consulting, providing solutions for systemic change towards sustainable development. For 16 years he has consulted with business, United Nations (UN) and civil society, while writing over 100 publications on the social responsibility of organisations.

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