Ayurdedic Methods to Cleanse Toxic Electromagnetic Frequencies

Recently I have become aware of my personal sensitivity to EMFs which has been steadily increasing with the increase in use of wireless technology. I have been on the GAPS diet for two years, which has helped my condition immensely but I hit a plateau with my healing about 6 months ago. I have been researching this topic more deeply of late, and recently came upon the work that Vaidya R.K. Mishra has done with Ayurvedic techniques for cleansing these toxic frequencies. In reading his article and beginning to massage my marma points (see diagram below) I wasn’t so surprised to find that many of the points are areas that I have noticed getting increasingly sore and sensitive. I have a bottle of very viscous sandalwood oil I picked up in the Indian market in Myanmar a few years ago, so I have been using a few drops of sandalwood mixed into cold-pressed castor oil to rub into my marma points. Since I have found remarkable synchronicity in my own experience with what Vaidya Mishra has outlined I am reposting excerpts from a couple articles to help explain his methods.

The first article is from a student of Vaidya Mishra, Dr. Doug Beech and explains the Ayurvedic approach in easily understandable language. The second article is from Vaidya Mishra himself and outlines various techniques you can practice on yourself to help clear these toxic frequencies. The last article is an excerpt from an interesting article on kundalini that I couldn’t help but add in as it brings in one of my favorite authors Robert A. Heimlein and his “grok” to add a bit of Western alchemy/science fiction into the mix. I hope this helps everyone who is suffering from this modern scourge.

Excerpts from the article

Ayurvedic Practitioner Addresses Electromagnetic Toxicity

By Lauren LaRocca

EMF toxins were not as prevalent 5,000 years ago, or in remote villages of India, but they were recognized. The monsoons would bring months of lightning, which gave the people anxiety, depression, insomnia and irregular menstrual cycles. They called the toxin Indra Vajra Abhinjaya Visha, which means the Poison of Indra’s Thunderbolt.

“This toxin is extremely prevalent today in low doses due to computers, cell phones and any electrical devices,” says Dr. Doug Beech.

The basic problem is this: EMF is a vibrational toxin that affects the delivery channels for prana, or life energy. When the channels, or nadis, are corrupted due to EMF overload, prana cannot reach its targeted tissues and organs.

“Many things can corrupt the nadis — bad diet, improper routine, stress … but EMF toxins create a direct and immediate effect because they are vibrational and can therefore directly enter the vibrational channels,” he said. “EMF and EMR piggyback in with the prana.”

“Our body is very, very sensitive to electromagnetics.”

Beech recommends a holistic treatment that includes proper diet and a daily routine, along with Transdermal Marma Therapy (see below), which directly cleans the nadis. The channels are accessed through points on the body called marma, on which herbal creams and essential oils are massaged in specific patterns, usually while chanting a mantra.

Patients come to him with panic attacks and rapid heart rates and are calmed immediately following a Marma treatment.

I have pulled excerpts from this very detailed and excellent article by Vaidya R.K. Mishra. It is quite in depth. In the interest of getting to the section on how to cleanse your body from EMFs I have not reposted the full article. I highly recommend reading it. It was first posted on LA Yoga Magazine here: An Ayurvedic Perspective But can also be found on Anne Louise Gittleman’s site Zapped.

An Ayurvedic Perspective

by Vaidya R.K. Mishra

Before electromagnetic pollution existed as we know it now, it was a phenomenon discussed in the Ayurvedic texts.

In October 1991, I was seeing patients alongside a local doctor in London. Based on the Shaka Vanshiya Ayurveda (SVA) pulse assessment system, I observed that nearly everybody’s laya (rhythm) in the pulse was disturbed in a characteristic way. Yet I was not able to isolate the hetu (the etiological cause).

My father, Vaidya Kameshwar Mishra, was alive at the time so I called him and discussed what I was observing in the pulse readings. He surprised me when he said that type of laya was nothing new! In our lineage, he said, we had been treating patients with similar problems long before modernity. The laya I felt in the London pulse readings was similar to problems experienced by people when they or their residence had been struck by lightning!

After contemplating his answer, I realized that this disturbance involved vibrational pollution or toxicity corrupting the physiology through the channels and disturbing the marmas. Marmas are vital points, trigger points for pranic flow. I draw an analogy between marma points and electrical switches, which regulate the flow of electricity as opposed to prana and also serve as delivery points for electricity and by extension prana.

EMFs and EMR are agneya (fiery) in nature and maruteya (air predominant). They disrupt the elemental balance of the environment by interfering with soma: the liquid-based balancing and stabilizing element.

The organs and systems related to specific marmas are affected by EMFs and EMR. The primary area affected is the susuhmna nadi, through which these corrupt energies enter the spinal cord and the physical body.

Exposure to EMF can pollute the nadis, the vibrational channels which in turn, can disturb the physical channels and create imbalances in the physiology’s entire cellular network. Sandhi, or gaps (synaptic clefts), are the loci where all transformational activity in the physiology takes place. EMF/EMR vibrations enter these transformational gaps and disturb the agnis (digestive fires) in various areas of the body including:

  • the cellular system (deha)
  • the stomach (jathar agni)
  • the liver (bhutagnis)
  • the metabolism (dhatu agnis)
  • the brain (medhya agni)
  • the chest area (sadhaka agni)
  • the skin (bharjaka agni)
  • the eyes (alochaka pitta)

When the body is exposed to EMF-contaminated prana, it is unable to produce ojas (beloved vigor or “fluid of life”) because disturbed soma (the raw material for ojas) is not coherent, in other words it is corrupt and unable to follow its functional path.

Life is the Flow of Prana in the Body

The simplest way to understand prana is to compare it to electricity. For electricity to flow through a battery or wire and light up a bulb, three components are needed: positive current, negative current and the connection or flow between the two. Without all three, the light would not shine.

If we were to compare the body to a battery, soma would be the negative flow, agni the positive flow and marut would be the current between them.

Another way of understanding Prana is to view soma as the nurturing energy, agni as the transforming energy and marut as the circulating energy.

Entry Routes Of Prana Into The Physical Body

Prana flows into the physical body through the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we ingest. The primordial force or energy of nature in the form of prana also continuously enters through the nadis (vibrational channels) via the adhipati marma and also through the nadis governing the sense organs and the openings of the sense organs (see list below).

Natural (including sun rays and cosmic radiation) and artificial sources (computers, cell phones, power lines, X-rays and all electromagnetic devices) emit ionizing radiation (EMR) and non-ionizing radiation (EMF).

These enter the physical body in a couple different ways. The first are the main Vibrational channels which include the:

  • Adhipati Marma
  • Nadis (vibrational channels)
  • Ida, Pingala, Gandhari, Hasti Jivha, Pusha, Yasashwini, Alambusha and Loma Randra

The second are the sense organs (Karmendriyas) the:

  • nose (nasa)
  • eyes (netra)
  • ears (karna)
  • mouth (jihvaa)
  • pores of the skin (lomavivara)

The vibrational channels connected to the main nadi (susuhmna nadi) are linked to the spinal cord; through the spinal cord prana is delivered to all the body’s organs and systems.

I have developed a pulse reading technique that enables trained practitioners to feel and observe the flow of impaired prana or overload of EMR/EMF in the pulse. Over several years, I have noticed how this can become recurrent. When the pranic imbalance or overload of EMF/EMR is left unaddressed, it can lead to chronic problems in related organs or systems.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) from an Ayurvedic Perspective

Exposure to high-frequency EMF seems to corrupt the basic intelligence of marut so that it can no longer assess how much soma is needed to be transformed.

On the other hand, exposure to EMR can disturb and pollute the power of the actual act of agni in transformation.

Some symptoms experienced due to over-exposure to EMF/EMR:

  • Morning fatigue without physical or known physiological reason.
  • Disruption of coordination between mind and body.
  • Lack of glow, diminishment of brightness in the face or eyes without any physical and emotional reason.
  • Lack of early morning enthusiasm, feeling sad, sense of falling apart, not enjoying every breath and/or negative feelings towards everything.
  • Imbalanced hunger and changes in bowel movements without any physical reason.
  • Unusual burps and apana release without any physical causes.
  • Feeling tingling or crawling sensations in the hands, feet or anywhere in the body; sharp shooting pains without any identifiable reason.
  • Disturbed sleep or lack of sexual desire without any identifiable reasons.

There are a growing number of scientific studies demonstrating how the excessive exposure to EMF/EMR can cause heart arrhythmias, corrupt cellular activity, increase risk of Alzheimer’s, childhood leukemia and other diseases.

Mother Nature has gifted us with numerous tools and techniques that can help shield us from the deleterious effects of EMF/EMR pollution. The key is in enhancing the ability of our nadis or channels, organs and systems to handle the over-charge and evacuate it in a timely manner.

Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA)Protocols for Countering EMF/EMR

Vibrational Massage
Practice daily – morning or evening
Procedure: Do whole body vibrational cleansing massage without touching the body in a swiping motion with hands, starting from head and moving to the toes. You can even do this while wearing clothes.

Self Marma Massage
This opens the nadis and the marmas to deliver prana to all the organs and systems. Self Marma Massage cleans the EMF and any corrupted vibrations. Self massage with the following herbs in herbal oil or creams will benefit in maintaining healthy channels:

  • Tulsi: (holy basil or Ocimum sanctum): Increases resistance to environmental pollution.
  • Sandalwood: cools bhrajaka pitta, rehydrates the channels and soothes the eyes.
  • Rose: rehydrates the skin
  • Prasarini: opens the channels.
  • Brahmi (Indian Pennywort): enhances flow of prana to the mind and power of dhi (learning), dhriti (retention), and smriti (recall).
  • Jatamansi / Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi), Shankapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) and Sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica): these support the primary prana-receiving vibrational channels and the nervous system, remove pollution and enhance reception and flow of prana.
  • De-glycerized licorice: re-establishes balance and supplies soma-predominant prana to the deeper cellular system.
  • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) and Ashoka (Sarca indica) deliver prana to the heart and balance the emotions. (Sadhaka pitta is the subdosha of pitta related to the emotional state and expression of the heart.)

Self-Marma Massage:

Self Massage Marma Points

Oils or creams made from the aforementioned herbs should be applied on the following marmas (see above chart).

  • Adhipati
  • Krikatika
  • Sthapani on the center of the eyebrows
  • Kanth on the sternal notch
  • Talahridaya on the center of the palms and soles of the feet
  • Krikatika, Ansa on the shoulders
  • Katik taruna on the lower spine
  • Ani on both the elbows
  • Urvi on the thighs (front and back) of legs
  • Janu on the knees (front and back) of both legs

Begin at Adhipati then move downwards to massage all the mentioned marmas.

Apply cream or oil clockwise (with very gentle massage strokes clockwise in circular motion) as if the clock were in the body.

After the marma massage, complete a gentle full-body massage. Rest for 20 minutes.

Routine Recommendations for Reducing Radiation Toxicity in Food

  • Eat somagenic and soma-enhancing food. This includes organic fresh foods, especially summer squashes, okra, fresh organic greens, fresh sweet juicy fruits, fresh yoghurt, cow’s ghee made with organic grass-fed cultured butter (butter derived from buttermilk) and fresh paneer made with organic milk.
  • Cook with soma-enhancing, channel-opening and cleansing spices such as coriander, fennel, cumin, black pepper, green cardamom and turmeric in proper ratios suited to your physiology.
  • Prepare your food with proper samyog (combinations) and samskar (cooking).


  • Use indoor plants in the bedroom and office to purify the air.
  • Walk under moonlight, especially when the moon is full or nearly full.
  • Lay down on the ground (clean sand or clay soil is the most powerful).
  • Walk near water (lakes or rivers) or spend time under big, green trees.

At Home

  • Remove Wi-Fi networks and go back to cable or at the very least turn them off before going to bed.
  • Eliminate microwave usage
  • Remove digital clocks and other electronics from the bedroom/li>
  • Pregnant women and children should especially limit cell phone and computer usage.

SVA Tea recipe to balance EMF

  • ¼ teaspoon coriander seed
  • ¼ tsp organic rose petals
  • 1 pinch bacopa / herb-of-grace or water hyssop (Bacopa monieri)
  • 1 quart spring or purified water

Boil the water then add the spices. Cover and let the spices and herbs steep.

Drink at room temperature by sipping slowly throughout the day.

Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVAVA) protocols have been time-tested by a group of doctors in both India and the West and have been designed to support the entire physiology. The SVA protocols utilize pulse evaluation to identify imbalances created by EMF and EMR and then utilize a variety of remedies that have been tested as to their therapeutic suitability.

Vaidya R.K. Mishra is a world-renowned Ayurvedic healer issuing from an ancient lineage of Shudh Ayurved Raj Vaidyas from the Shaka Vansya tradition. Author of innumberable articles and co-author of The Answer to Cancer, he travels extensively in North America and Canada to give workshops and in-person ayurvedic educational consultations. He also offers on-line workshops, seminars, and courses. He is currently teaching an extensive detailed course: The Caraka Samhita, A to Z. For more information on his courses or tour schedule, please visit: vaidyamishra.com or call the Prana Center at (888) 324 – 2634 (888 – 3CHANDI).

Another way to look at our electromagnetic body. Excerpts from:

Electromagnetics of Kundalini

The body’s EMF requires ions in the air through which to flow. The higher the ion count the higher the flow in the EMF. The higher the EMF flow, the higher the energy generation of the cells and the higher the energy of the nerves, which means a correspondingly higher EMF flow as well. The EMF or nadi egg comprises the sum total of the body’s energy generation and conductivity. This explains why we are automatically more connected, awake, intelligent and spiritual in high negative ion environments. That is around moving water, in forests, in the country, the mountains and in sunlight. Our EMF has more of a medium in which to flow and this ups all the energy exchanges in the bodymind. Modern cities, deserts and much of our technology, transportation and architecture are anti-evolutionary for this reason, for they lower the ion count of the air and increase the % of positive ions we are exposed to.

Key to the transmutational ability of kundalini is that DNA is EMF sensitive, as is RNA and protein synthesis in general. EMF’s induce cell differentiation and morphogenesis.

As the vibratory systems go into sympathetic resonance, the heightened fields restructure matter to accommodate the increased field. The more this occurs the more the heightened spin and vibration is stabilized thus we achieve stages, rather than passing states. This process of field amplification and matter restructuring is known as “eating one’s soul.” Other terms for it are metamorphosis, transmutation, substantiation, and transfiguration. We know something is going on in the subatomic/atomic realms and at the cellular level but we don’t yet know what this alchemy is.

The sensory organ that perceives “soul” is the heart. The heart sense works by aesthesis, or by “breathing in.” Thus the term aesthesis is similar, if not identical to Robert Heinlein’s word “Grok.” That is, the direct perception and understanding of the world via “Whole-Seeing.” When the heat entrains the brain we become sensitive to Depth or the spiritual dimention. Aisthesis is gnosis of The Good, The True and The Beautiful through the empathetic direct perception of the heart. Only the heart-brain can grok the ineffable.

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      Vibrational massage can be performed like reiki, off the body and close proximity of the hands on the body OR as in the example of biodynamic craniosacral therapy because we are tapping into the fluid systems of the body which is a direct conduit to our nervous system, hence the vibrational body. This is performed gently with specific holds and intensions around anatomical landmarks.




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