Lumen Natura – The Light Within

Since last October things have really picked up with my biodynamic craniosacral therapy clinic and I haven’t had as much time to devote to Hella Delicious. It has been a long time coming for me. It seems the third time is indeed the charm. I have set up a cranio clinic in 3 countries now! It is funny to think of it like that. I had a clinic briefly right after I graduated in 2005, but that was when we were living in that moldy apartment in Wellington, NZ. We got sick and had to move. I very briefly put up my shingle in upstate New York, but after a call from a heavy breather and another strange fellow come by for a session, I shut that down pretty quickly!

As I have still been in the process of healing my own self, I haven’t been really trying to get many clients for the past couple years but over the last few months my health has really improved. I feel like my guts are actually absorbing nutrients from my food again finally! Most of the time, that is. I still have bad days, but they are getting much less frequent and I haven’t even had a migraine in months. The good thing about better health is that I have more energy to do more things, and less time to sit around blogging! Actually my back and shoulder always get out of shape when I am on the computer too much, so even my body is telling me that doing craniosacral therapy is better for me than blogging! I must say it is nice to be able to take on new clients finally. Now I desperately need to find somewhere else more suitable to work from.

I have had some powerful sessions myself over the past couple years and incredible integration is taking place in my body and life. Something I never really imagined could happen. Since biodynamic craniosacral therapy is so helpful for healing trauma, every one of us in our modern world needs this work and I am very happy to be assisting with Body Intelligence Trainings to get this modality to as many people as possible. We naturally tune into the language of our bodies, but we live in a world that denies and ignores this.

The time has come for this light within ourselves to shine out once and for all. It is unstoppable, no matter how abused, traumatized, de-sentitized, poisoned, and irradiated we are, that delicate and sensitive light cannot be fully destroyed because it is what created us, the memory of our birth, formation and creation remains in our cells and comes forth to replenish, renew and inspire healing, love and joy.

To provide support for you with unveiling your own light I would like to introduce to you my new website Lumen Natura (the light within). Biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions tap into your own natural healing abilities. The practitioners are skilled in listening to your bodies innate wisdom and in following and understanding the language of the body in a profound way that allows for deep relaxation and release of trapped tension.

I personally have found Biodynamic craniosacral therapy to be very helpful in the healing of the gut and in the detoxification process that they body goes through when on the GAPS or SCD diets, as it taps into the vagus nerve as well as the deep tissues of the organs and allows them to relax. I often think of the gut area as being like a battery for the body, holding much of where the energy comes from. When I had typhoid and for months and even years afterwards, if I over-exerted myself physically my gut would cramp and clutch in great pain. It is the area of the chi force which is also a powerful immune support as well. If you have any autoimmune problems, back pain, migraines, PTSD, fibromyalgia the list goes on and on, craniosacral therapy is for you.

We are kicking off the New Year here in Vancouver, BC with a student clinic next week on Tuesday the 10th, if you haven’t already please book right away, this is a great opportunity to have two Biodynamic craniosacral therapists working on you. One is a second year student who has nearly completed the program and the other is an experienced practitioner. Sessions are an hour and cost only $40. Click here for more information and to make a booking.

I have also noticed in my practice lately, ever since the last solar and lunar eclipse it seems as if everyone is cleaning out deeper and deeper layers of toxins and past traumas. Many people are clearing up family and friend miscommunications. Layers and layers of abuse, anger, generations of repression and misunderstandings. All of these things are getting cleared out. We have so much poison, lies and illusions to sweep away. Everything each one of us does to help with this process is needed. We all have to open our hearts up and treat each other with love. We no longer have time for wars, for greedy corporations poisoning us for their mad agendas or quotas or 20 year plans.

Sorry for the rambling! Please come over to and check it out, it’s my Christmas present from my special guy 🙂

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