Orgasmic Childbirth

Wow! I have read about women who have had orgasms during childbirth but had a hard time imagining it really happening. This woman looks so happy and cozy, purring and really getting into her labor. It is interesting to hear also that about 21% of women actually do have orgasms during childbirth and that the atmosphere and sterile environment of hospitals actually raise the fear and the pain involved in giving birth.

Going into the sensations, welcoming them and working with them rather than repressing, and doing whatever we can to avoid them is the way to do this. As in many things! I’d love to hear from more women who have had this experience and thanks so much to the women who have shared their own experiences. I’d love to watch the documentary mentioned Orgasmic Birth as well. “Women of Earth Take Back your Birth!”

I first learned of orgasmic births through reading Conscious Conception by Jeannine Parvati Baker, the following is her childbirth experience.

“I feel the baby come down. The sensation is ecstatic. I had prepared somewhat for this being as painful as my last delivery had been. Yet this time the pulse of birth feels wonderful! I am building up to the birth climax after nine months of pleasurable foreplay. With one push the babe is in the canal. The next push brings him down, down into that space just before orgasm when we women know how god must have felt creating this planet…he comes, as do I.” -From Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth, by Jeannine Parvati Baker

This wonderful website has a large collection of accounts by women of their orgasmic childbirth experiences.

Just one more thing to say here…since it turns out that women can have beautiful sensations and a blissful and ecstatic experiences during the entrance of their children into the world, then we can also imagine and create a beautiful and ecstatic re-birthing of our world, instead of a destructive disaster that many imagine is our imminent future.

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  1. Soli

    It kills (!) me that we’ve turned so much of what is natural and part of continuing life into a medical condition which supposedly needs treatment. Animals in nature don’t need it, and in ore-modern times women did it without needing epidurals and white rooms.

    Hopefully this kind of information will get more exposure and maybe we can turn around the perception of bringing life into the world. It is pretty messed up when something that’s supposed to be a joyous occasion is thought of as screaming agony.

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