Promoting Ubuntu

I haven’t done a post on Ubuntu in ages, which leaves me feeling a bit guilty! My current computer is hobbling along on it’s last legs…supposedly I have a new computer on the way, I’m pretty excited to get it as it is made with Ubuntu in mind, and is my first new computer since I got my first computer in college. I don’t know where I would be without Ubuntu these days, and I sure do recommend more and more for everyone to take their life into their own hands, go out onto a limb and start using Ubuntu. It is worth it. Absolutely, for any of you who don’t know what I am on about, check out this post: How Does Ubuntu add Freedom, Community, and Humanity?

Fortunately one of our local Ubuntu members has started blogging about Ubuntu, and more than that–she has gone out, set up a booth and started informing people–in the process she has put together a helpful powerpoint tool for anyone wanting to get out there and start promoting Ubuntu themselves. Check out this cook video of the car-free day and Ubuntu promo in Vancouver this summer.

More information here: Marketing Ubuntu at Local Festivals and Markets

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