Newsreel of 165 year old Abkhasian

This Universal Newsreel shows an old Abkhasian, still leading his donkey about the hills at 165. His traditional culture somehow managed to maintain this impressive level of health and longevity without having to harvest kidneys (they call organ harvesting the ‘red market‘ these days) or use a plethora of pharmaceuticals or any of our other modern medical equipment. They probably didn’t even have health insurance. No Alzheimer’s either it seems.

What they had was a diet with no refined foods that included plenty of micro-organism rich dairy, such as Matzoni and more. As I mentioned in this review of an anthropological study of the Abkhasians–all of our modern medicine hasn’t quite manage to match the level of natural optimal interaction with the human body that the Abkhasian’s did. This old fellow didn’t need viagra when he married his young wife, who is half his age…and he probably still didn’t need it when this newsreel was shot.

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