Warning From the Heart of the World

The other night we watched this amazing documentary about a pre-Spanish era Columbian tribe who have a culture completely alien to what we are used to. These amazingly sensitive individuals have a very defined culture that keeps itself away from the craziness of the rest of the world. The people of this tribe call themselves the Elder Brother’s and they call all the rest of us Younger Brother. They lament over our foolishness, greed, speed and our wars, but they also are understanding. This documentary was made in the 80’s but it seems that the Kogi, as they call themselves, are still managing to survive and keep brining their message to the world.

An old prophecy of both the South American pre-Spanish Kogi and the North American Hopi goes as follows:

“When the Eagle of the North gets together with the Condor of the South, it is time for all the Rainbow Tribes of the world to get together and bring peace upon this world.” –Tribalink

The Mama’s who are the leaders of this culture, care for the highest points of the Sierra Nevada mountains and they believe this area to be the Heart of the World. For the past few decades they have observed the area getting drier and drier and the vegetation dying off. Since they understand that the water runs down from the mountains to whatever is below, if the top of the mountain is dry and there is no water running down, it is clear that soon everything below will also begin to dry out. They bring their message to us to stop our crazy, growth economic models and to turn back to caring for the world.

This is an incredible documentary that will really blow your mind and heart. I am especially shocked to only now be finding out about these people as I studied anthropology in college and am always keeping my ears peeled for information like this. But I guess it is good that they keep themselves removed as that is obviously the only way they have survived to this point.

I have been doing a few google searches to try to find out what is going on with the Kogi these days, but there doesn’t seem to be much information, they do still seem to be around, but it doesn’t sound like they are having an easy time of things….

It seems in 2004 the US ‘accidentally’ dropped Agent Green which has been labelled a biological weapon on a bit of land they had managed to acquire. The silence and lack of information about what is going on with them is actually rather a loud and spooky silence in this day and age of information.

If you haven’t seen this documentary, please watch it as it is inspiring and rather mind-boggling. I need to watch it again, especially the part when they describe what they do to the kids that have been found to be destined to be a Mama.

Check out this link for more information on the Kogi.

Donate to the Kogi or buy the DVD at the Tairona Heritage Trust Website.

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  1. Echo

    I was wondering what has been going on with this tribe too. Then I accidentally came across a movie on Hulu called ‘The Chosen One’. It was in the form of a light comedy, but it deals with the issues and three representatives of the tribe. It was a very subtle way of getting the message across.

    I think a lot about how the children identified as future ‘Mamas’ are raised, too. I can understand how the isolation and deprivation can heighten the sensitivies, but so much else is stunted and blunted. It’s quite a sacrifice to be so honored.


    1. hellaD

      Wow thanks Echo! I have been wondering too, I can’t wait to check out that film you mentioned. Yes it is so curious what they do with those kids destined to be Mamas. We watched it with my mom last night who is a young childhood teacher trainer and she found it very curious as well. The point she did make is that at least they get the contact with their mother when breast feeding and as a young baby you have to feed every couple hours so the baby would get a fair amount of contact very young. As they get older that would be tough. Also very curious how they are only allowed to eat white foods! Many of our nutritionists would find that mind boggling as well eh? I sure do 🙂

  2. Laura C

    I wish that more people would know about this~ but people are becoming so apathetic when it comes to these sorts of issues. No more paperwork and red tape! We need green cities NOW! But i asking myself (like countless others) what can I do? I can make changes for myself, but others are still taking 30 minute showers twice a day. People are still leaving their cars on while they shop for the AC. I can make the decision for myself, but others just use up what I save.

    1. hellaD

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I had a chance to watch some TV this last week–it is always a reality check for me and reminds me how many people there are out there who are still living how I used to live! Sometimes I get amazed because I think it is the world that has changed, then I see TV and realise it is me who has changed! But hey, if I can change from someone who lived on coffee and cigarettes and whatever money I had left went into my gas-guzzling car to who I am now, I have hope for everyone!

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