Nations of the Earth Slow Down

I have had this video sitting open in my browser for months now, I watched half of it at some point and finally just finished watching it. The man speaking is Lee Brown but I don’t know anything else about it other than a brief description posted on the youtube channel. It is at the Continental Indigenous Council held in Tanana Valley, Fairbanks, Alaska in 1986. He is speaking of the Hopi prophesies and other indigenous prophesies about the times we are living in. He speaks in such a deliberate, clear manner and doesn’t seem afraid, in fact he says several times that we will survive. Many of the things he says have come to pass already. Some of the things he touches on are:

Indigenous history around the forming of the League of Nations and how a circle of elders approached the UN when it was formed to try to address the nations of the world and were vetoed by the US. Prophesies of charting the DNA of humans and the splicing of genes to create new life:

“We will see new animals–and even the old animals will come back.”

He tells of the elders saying that time will speed up, but as it does so we must slow down, that the nations of the earth must slow down and come together to share and work together. He speaks of the four directions, the four colors of people and the four teachings and the guardianship of the various elements that each people was given….

“Nations of the Earth, Slow Down, Come Together, Talk to Each Other”

It is a really interesting talk, inspiring and grounding. Full transcript here.

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