How (and Why) To Make Yourself an Orgonite

A couple months ago when I was researching the dangers of EMFs I came across this strange thing called an orgonite. At first I thought it was totally wacky and out there. Since that time I have kept coming across and there does seem to be something to it. Not only that but when I learned they were originally developed by Wilhelm Reich everything started to make more sense. As we all know, Wilhelm Reich was persecuted, jailed and finally killed by the grand ole “freedom lovin'” US of A (he died in jail). The US also burned his books and did their very best to wipe his discoveries and inventions from the face of the earth. This type of rabid persecution is a good indicator that the work he was doing was solid. In fact, there must have been something very important in his work to have inspired that much determined force to shut him up. Perhaps these orgonites have something to do with that. I haven’t tried making one of these yet myself, so I can’t tell you from my own experience how this works, but I am planning to make some very soon as I have heard that they are effective against radiation.

There is another really cool aspect to the orgonite culture and that is something called gifting, where you take your home-made orgonite pucks and place them near cellphone towers or other EMF emitters to negate the frequencies they are sending out. To me this is another good sign. People aren’t trying to make a ton of money off of these things, in fact they are putting them about the planet for free, of their own initiative. In this day and age of lies and greed I highly recommend checking it out for yourself before making a judgement call.

The following information is from

Orgonite® is a word that was invented by Karl Hans Welz for a material he made as a variation on the technology of Wilhelm Reich. He owns the trade mark for the word orgonite® which we use for educational purposes only.

Reich identified an energy which he called orgone and discovered it could be manipulated using layers of metal and organic material. He used things like wood and cotton for his organic materials and iron sheets and other metals as the metallic components.

Welz’s orgonite® simply brought a modern material into play acting as the organic component polyester resin. Orgonite® is simply a combination of many metal particles suspended in a resin matrix. Because there are often many metal particles the energy flow within orgonite® tends to be very dynamic making it pretty powerful stuff.

Orgonite® was taken to the next level by Don Croft who added crystals to help convert DOR or Dead(ly) ORgone into POR or Positive Orgone.

The following is from Don Croft

By the way, orgonite apparently prevents and even cures radiation poisoning. The reason I say that is that when Carol, Reno Richard and I were gifting the underground bases in and around Fallon, Nevada, three summers ago, the dust where we camped in the desert one night was obviously radioactive. Carol’s nose bled from breathing it all night but none of us had the telltale metallic taste in our mouths, perhaps because we were wearing our Harmonic Protectors.

Eight years ago I started putting orgonite in my zappers and a customer in Romania reported that a patient of his who was dying from the effects of radiation poisoning (also lung cancer) completely recovered in a few weeks, just from using the zapper. The patient had survived as one of the cleanup crew at Chernobyl, but got sick after that and was on his deathbed when he started zapping.

So given the increasingly dangerous levels of EMFs and now radiation in our world and the simple nature of these orgonites. It seems like there is nothing to loose and possibly everything to gain by taking an afternoon and making yourself a few orgonites. It might be a good idea to make some extra and send them to any friends you have in Japan.

The following is a great howto for making orgonites from

What You’ll Need:

Metal Shavings: Metal Shavings You don’t want fine metal filings, nor do you want large pieces of metal. Quarter-inch-wide aluminum curls are very common and very effective for use in orgonite, but any kind of copper, iron, brass (including brassed aluminum), bronze, nickel or even steel shavings will work fine. Just bring a bucket and some work gloves to a local machine shop and ask them if you can fill your bucket with metal shavings. Before giving them to you for free, they will probably ask you what it’s for (typically more out of curiosity than anything), so why not tell them? If you don’t feel comfortable explaining orgonite to them, simply tell them about this site, or give them the simplest honest answer you can, such as a “public service,” “art project,” or even “science experiement”. However, you may be surprised what people will understand if you take the time to explain it meaningfully and from the heart.

Quartz CrystalsQuartz Crystals: Any funky, ugly, smokey pieces of quartz will work perfectly for orgonite field devices. You can usually find this grade of quartz crystal very inexpensively at most decent gem and mineral shops, or you can buy quartz online from orgonite-aware vendors at appropriate sizes and grades.

Fiberglass/Epoxy Resin: The most expensive component of orgonite, typically retailing for US$18-$25/gallon at marine supply stores and hardware stores. Any kind of organic resin will work fine, but liquid resin (as opposed to “body fill” paste) has been found to be easiest to work with for creating orgonite. Resin requires a chemical additive called a hardener, typically included if purchased by the gallon, in order to catalyze the curing (hardening) process, which may take from mere hours in hot, arid weather to multiple days in wet, cold weather.

Molds: This depends on the specific type of orgonite device you wish to create, but any mold which can withstand boiling temperatures should work fine. Avoid plastics unless they are oven-safe, as the chemical reaction which occurs during the catalyzation process heats the resin to temperatures which can easily melt normal plastics. Generally, metal molds seem to work best for most purposes, but cheap field devices can also be made from large paper bathroom cups or paper sno-cone cups. Use your imagination!

Other Stuff: You will want a mixing container such as a bucket (preferably with a pouring lip), a wooden stirring stick, some old rags or paper towels for splashes and spills, and a large, flat surface for leaving the orgonite to cure.

Safety: Organic resins emit toxic fumes before and during the curing process, so working in a well-ventilated area such as a backyard or porch/deck is ideal. You may also want to use protective gloves and wear clothing you don’t mind getting catalyzed resin splashed on, as it will go everywhere, especially your first few times pouring. Putting down a tarp first can help tremendously with cleanup, as the hardened resin should pop right off the tarp.

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  1. phoenix

    In the 90s and 00s, orgonite was NEVER MADE WITH CRYSTAL and they are 10x more powerful. The crystal high people have really destroyed orgonite and made them basically useless.

  2. Tim

    Great post. Like the “why’s”.

  3. Beth

    I make and sell orgonite – I use it as well. Especially popular are the small semi-circle cell phone devices I make, if you don’t find them useful as an energy re-coherence device, you make simply enjoy how the curved device sits in your hand while holding your phone or the use as a “kickstand” when your phone is sitting on a surface. Whatever – it is useful!

    I think one must become aware of energy fields, in general, and specifically their own field and how it works to interact within different environments before orgone or energy health has any meaning or “works”… it isn’t like taking a pill. It’s engaging and dynamic and takes participation and experience… however, it’s something anyone, I feel, can learn about because it’s part of how things work and what we are.

    1. hellaD

      Hey Beth those look amazing! I have one I ordered from which I use to carry around with me when I have to stay in places where there is a lot of wireless, I am not sure how it is made but I think it is partly an orgonite. I love the ones you have created for cell phones they are really beautiful.

  4. BoLlywood

    Orgonite and white vinegar eliminates chemtrails.

  5. Adrena lee

    I have been making them. I would say the best things I have noticed is they have a very calming effect, and they have caused my creative talents to grow. I also make torsion field generators from small high speed 9V motors. I mostly use copper, steel wool, cotton, and some also with the quartz crystals and rare earth magnets. I make big ones, little ones and necklaces out of them. My home and gardens have never been the same. I love them. Adrena

    1. olivia

      Adrena, Do you sell them? Livvy~

    2. Taryn

      Would like to buy some !

  6. lorena

    hi there, were can i buy the supplies to make them?

    1. Whale

      You can buy everything that you need to make orgonite (apart from the resin) from Whale Orgone. We’ve been supplying orgonite and it’s component parts to people all over the world for 8 years!

      1. olivia

        Are there any retailers that sell them already made in the states?

        Livvy ~

  7. Richard

    So have you tried making and using any of these orgonite devices? If so, did you notice any effects?

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