Modern Homesteading

The world is too much with us;
Late and soon,
Getting and spending,
We lay waste our powers
. – Wordsworth

This is a great little video from a practical fellow who seems to be one of the ole’ sourdoughs from the gold-rush days, returned to tell us how to live more practically. We really don’t need huge houses and tons of stuff. In the end they own you. As he says, there are ways to get off the grid, solar is one method, you can check here to have a look at his website www.simplesolarhomesteading which gives lots of great DIY information.

One of my favorite DIY type energy is biodiesel from algae. So far this is something that we haven’t heard much about in mainstream. This is something that works well for small scale systems and for urban homesteading. This video gives a quick over-view of how this can be done as well as points us to some helpful guides as to how we can do this ourselves. I have a long-term goal to do some experimenting n this area, but if anyone gets to it first please let me know about your experiences!

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