A Favorite Community Blog Tool

Although I have been blogging since 2006, I have been a little late to the linky game. Last year I finally figured it out and started joining some of the wonderful bloghops (or blog carnivals) that have sprung up all over the internet. I generally find the most useful ones to be the ones that collect recipes or information around Real Food, healthy living and tips on saving money for home-makers. Other’s seem to agree and they really take off, forming hubs of communication and interaction that are very unique and niche-oriented. It is a great way to create community in the blogosphere as well as share links and promote your own website and information.

Some of my favorite bloghops are the Hearth and Soul bloghop which is hosted by a team of websites. They always have amazing posts, wonderful recipes and lots of friendly interesting people to find out about. I also enjoy the Real Food Wednesday bloghop run by Kelly the Kitchen Kop and last but not least is Fight Back Friday by Food Renegade. Of course there are heaps more that I don’t have time to mention right here.

I have started using them for a couple areas myself recently. The first one is the GAPS resource roundup, which is a collection of recipes, tips and other great information for folks on the GAPS diet. The second one is my Detox Potluck, which collects information on favorite detoxing methods. This is also in part for GAPS diet people as during this diet, it is really important to do lots of detoxing to help aid your body recover and heal.

The last one, I have just posted recently and I sure hope it will get lots of links. It is a Real Food Revolution Resource roundup and is a collection of a variety of experiences and information about raw milk, real food and local farms. I hope to get a lot of activity here especially this month as February is the blog about Real Food month to get the buzz up about raw milk and the benefits of helpful micro-organisms.

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