Real Milk Revolution

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The grassroots Real Milk movement was begun years ago, by Sally Fallon Morell in the US. Here in Canada, Michael Schmidt gave the movement an opportunity when he was acquitted. Last year, his Edmonton Declaration was a powerful call to arms to protect our small farms. It is time for us to do our part by getting the buzz up on social networks, donating to the Legal Fund, and just bringing attention to this movement in as many ways as we can.

Lets Get the Buzz about Real Milk Going!

There is revolution in the air, the time is now. Earlier this year Kombucha Kamp launched a New Year’s ReVolution, promoting buzz about kombucha, which I found very inspiring. She organized a few of us to post and tweet about kombucha. She had it very well planned out and timed, with an amazing selection of prizes as extra incentive. One of her slogans was:

“The Revolution will not be Pasteurized.”

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were given momentum by the use of twitter and facebook. We have a lot to learn from the very civilized way they are demanding their rights, and not being swayed by the lies of the regime.

The stepping up of anti-raw milk propaganda and attack on various food private food clubs in the USA, indicate that everything is in place for a ‘final solution’ to the ‘raw milk issue’. It is clear that raw milk is a lynch-pin to the greater issue — freedom of choice. This fear for ‘safety’ is an excuse for curtailing rights–as has become blatantly obvious since 9/11. I have re-written kombuchakamp’s BUZZ manual for the raw milk, Real Food movement. You can download it here. Please download it and pass it around. Let’s get #rawmilk trending on twitter.

Check here for resources, tweeps and facebook pages to twitter, post and promote.

For anyone who hasn’t started using twitter or blogging, jump on board. I have posted a simple DIY article about how to start a blog and use twitter here. Blogging is therapeutic and Twitter is actually a lot of fun, I enjoy it much more than facebook (I don’t like the way facebook sells all your info). I find I am more on top of world news than I used to be–but from my own sources–about the things I want to know about as well as general stuff–it is really amazing, being so connected with so many places. We really need you guys in the twittersphere! Follow me on twitter or facebook for more updates, or feel free to send in a guest post about your experiences with raw milk.

If you have no idea how to get started. Our RealTips PDF manual will get you started, it gives tips on how to use facebook, twitter, what to blog about, how to get involved. It is only a couple pages of some quite helpful stuff, so please check it out. It is mostly taken from KombuchaKamp’s revolution. She did a great job, I must say…Anyway–Join us! It’s easy.

The simplest way to get started right away, is to simply switch your profile photo to a picture of your favorite cow, a glass of milk, you drinking milk–just something about fresh milk to show your support.

If you don’t have photos of cows, please feel free to download the images posted on this article (right click on the image and save) and upload it to use as your profile badge on facebook or twitter or just upload the image to facebook.

Links to Great Real Milk Articles, Blogs and Resources:

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  1. Caroline

    I think the us govt. is really dictatorial about this stuff because they always act in the interests of the big industrial and capitalist firms and also especially big pharma they do not want us to be healthy
    Else why would the military have been spraying the usa with aluminium barium and strontium for the last 30 years ? And we in europe are also being sprayed with the toxic stuff
    we get ill they make money we die off earlier we don’t cost the system so much.
    look up chem trails on the internet and CMN Conscious Media Network who do lots of really good interviews with very educated knowledgeable intelligent people about many things including chem trails from planes

  2. Caroline

    I’d like to try it out but I am assuming that raw milk producers would be organic also . I wouldn’t try out non organic raw milk because of the pesticide residues which are in non organic milk in britain. I might see if there’s any available in the SW of england and give it a go if so

    The real point is : even if I don’t want it you should be able to have it .
    – just like organic milk used to be limited availability I was so frustrated trying to get it… there’s an economic aspect to supply but as soon as you taste organic milk you never go back to the other crap stuff I suspect the non Organic stuff is only being sold because people don’t realise how much better organic milk tastes plus they would have to clean a lot of pasture up
    This may apply to non pasteurised also I don’t know as I haven’t tasted it
    I think also you have to be close to the supply point to have it really fresh our supermarket system isn’t really set up for that (yet)

  3. Butterpoweredbike

    The thing that gets me is that you can walk into a store and buy cigarette and alcohol, but most people don’t have the option to buy raw milk. Being able to make a choice is a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.

    1. hellaD

      Yeah no doubt. Not only cigarettes and alcohol but refined sugar and all kinds of MSG! Such nonsense.

  4. Christine

    This is really interesting! I’m not a huge milk drinker (due to a dairy intolerance), but this reminds me of my friend whose parents have a farm who are firm believers in raw milk. They would bring in milk from the farm for her nephew to drink and would tell everyone it was pasteurized even though it was raw to prevent the “OMG you’re going to kill your child because they’re not drinking pasteurized milk!!” reaction.
    I do think that people should be able to chose whether they want pasteurized or non-pasteurized milk, just like how people should be able to choose whether they eat organic or non-organic foods.

    1. hellaD

      Yeah people really do get that reaction big time! It is pretty strange given that it hasn’t really been that long since we started drinking pasteurized milk!

    2. HorseFeathers

      Just curious, do you know why you have dairy intolerance? It may be intolerance to pasteurized homogenized milk, but I wonder if you actually drank raw unprocessed milk… I would think it wouldn’t give the same effects as it’s essentially two different products.

  5. alex at a moderate life

    Hi HellaD, I will certainly be sharing this Milk Revolution on my thoughts on friday link love post this week. I am a huge advocate of raw dairy and a member of CARE and an Amish Dairy club and all are active in the support of local agriculture and right to choose our own food sources here in the US. It is a wonder to me that governments can limit your use of foods but do nothing to stop huge corporations from raping the earth. Seriously, this is so backwards! Thanks for sharing on the hearth and soul hop and Viva La Leche Revolution!!! All the best, Alex

    1. hellaD

      Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hannah

    I shared the post on Facebook but forgot to tag you! I’m an eeedit! Excellent post – excited to spread the raw milk gospel (hee hee) this month – YUM!

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