I Wish I Had A Kombucha Koat

But if I won a continuous brew system that would do too….

Not so long ago I stumbled across an amazing project — clothing made from kombucha leather! What else but kombucha can be a delicious healing beverage and a jacket all at once? I guess how they do it is by fermenting the kombucha in large square vats. The thickness of the SCOBY that forms is carefully measured until the desired width. These sheets of bacteria and yeast are then dried and cut and stitched into jeans, coats and whatnot! I have been trying to figure out a way I can use this method myself, unfortunately I don’t have much space for large vats of kombucha, so I have been dreaming of a kombucha koat of many kolors, by using many small patches of kombucha rounds sewn together.

Another problem presents itself when I start dreaming up truffle boxes, gloves and lip-balm tubes made from kombucha leather…I have such a high demand for my SCOBYs right now that I am actually way behind. About three people were trying to adopt a baby before the holidays and I didn’t have enough, I had to put them off. Yes, you heard me, I am directly responsible for not getting kombucha to at least 3 families over the holidays.

I personally find this to be really shocking behaviour, the problem is…I started making kombucha with honey for a while, because we are on the GAPS diet (someone suggested I ferment the ‘booch for longer so the sugar is converted). I must say, the flavor is lovely when you make it with honey, but the culture gets weakened by the enzymes etc in the honey (we were using delicious raw honey from a local farmer as well). I kept aside some of the regular sugar kombucha SCOBYs for folks, but it did get neglected and depleted.

I have my blessed New Year brew just about ready to come out of my jar now, it is taking a little longer than usual because the weather has been so cold lately and I want the brew more sour than normal, but I am pretty stoked to have my first brew of the year coming out so well, and that I will finally be able to start sharing the kombucha love again. I haven’t got a continuous brewing going, but I am considering it for this year, especially if I happen to win one from the Kombucha Revolution that is happening under our feet.

A big thanks to Kombucha Mama over at www.kombuchakamp.com (remember her from her guest blog about the Kombucha Recall?) for taking the initiative to create a kombucha (and more!) reVolution. All week there will be prizes to be had and free kombucha will practically flow in the streets. She even ships to Canada. The revolution will not be pasteurized is my favorite slogan of the movement, especially as our cow share is heading to court again in February to contest the legality of the food safety laws that prevent us from drinking raw, unpasteurized milk from a cow that we own a share of.

Please join us however you can! You can download the images and post them on twitter and facebook or post them or whatever you please! Pass it on :)

This post is part of the Hearth and Soul Bloghop over at www.amoderatelife.com.

P.S. Another note, methinks we need to get along with the micro-organisms, not repress them and keep them down with HACCP and other nonsense! These guys are the ones who are gonna save us at the end of the day, not the sanitation police!

Micro-Organisms To the Rescue!!

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  1. Judith

    THAT is amazing! I want to feel it….

    1. hellaD

      I know me too! I haven’t had enough SCOBYs to try this yet, but if anyone does let me know how it goes :)

  2. Sally Moore

    Happy 2011 keep up with all the interesting articles

  3. Scott

    Wow. Kombucha leather is definitely the most interesting idea I’ve heard all year :) I might have to try a bit of experimenting and see what happens. Thanks for sharing.

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