Full Moon Detox Potluck

For the past year or so, ever since one of my kombucha baby adopters mentioned to me the Ayurvedic detox method of oil pulling, I have gotten into a two week ritual of focusing on detoxing which begins the day after the full moon. Oil pulling is also an old Germanic ritual, which Johanna Paungger discusses in her book Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles. In this book she also mentions that the period of the waning of the moon (as the moon goes from full to dark) is part of a natural cycle of waning in general and a very useful time to detox your body as you are working in tune with the pull of the gravity of the moon upon the fluids of our own bodies (many other traditions also follow this practice).

I have enjoyed following these two week healing cycles, the two weeks leading to the Dark Moon I focus on my detoxing rituals, the following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon I focus on nourishing rituals of food and movement. During the times of detox I usually start the day with an oil pulling using sunflower oil and end it with a bath of epsom salts, vinegar and either rosemary or lavender oil. While on the GAP syndrome diet it is important to be sure to do a lot of detoxing. I find that if my body gets overly toxic I am extremely short tempered, paranoid and just all around grumpy and especially the first month and at various other longer cycles of detoxification these symptoms get worse. This also occurs, of course, at times like these, when it is holiday season and very hard to say no to everyone who is so eager to offer you their homecooked favorite delicacies. I have eaten so many things that don’t quite suit my digestive system in the last week. It is really hard to say no under such festive conditions and I am sure each of us has our own favorite ways to get our bodies back on track.

Please join our Full Moon Detox potluck and link up your favorite detoxifying ritual, recipe or experience. Please link back to this post from your post, post only one link and comment below after linking and let’s share our detoxifying experiences!

This Linky will be open from now till the next full moon in January 2011.

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  1. Stuart

    Hi, Really interesting post! I was looking for some info on the detoxing effects of the full moon if anyone can help…? I experience quite severe depression and generally more sickness and worsened symptoms of my fibromyalgia on and around a full moon. I have had medical tests that show I have high general bodily toxicity and also mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings. The only explanation that I can think of is that the moons gravitational pull is mobilising toxins from my organs and into my blood stream, as I am skinny these toxins have no body fat to be absorbed into, hence making me sick, depressed and foggy. Does this make sense to anyone?

    1. hellaD

      Hi Stuart,
      You ask a very interesting question. We really appreciate hearing your experience with flare-ups and fibromyalgia, I hope we get more reports about people’s experience with this.

      What you say makes a lot of sense. Perhaps there are some more factors at play as well. What sort of a diet do you follow? My mother had fibromyalgia as long as I can remember so I have been looking into some ideas around this. Let’s see if I can lay them out. Please understand that these are working theories and we definitely need more research into these areas. One thing I will mention first is to have a look at this movie: Beings of Frequency, it will help to explain more how we are so connected with the moon’s cycles as well as other cycles of nature.

      The other thing is that I have the idea that folks with fibromyalgia have a microbe disorder which effects their connective tissue. This most likely amplifies any childhood and even birth/prenatal, ancestoral traumas. The reason I bring this up, though is because I have noticed that microbes, especially yeasts and bacteria have a life-cycle that goes with the moon cycles, this can cause flare up during the full moon. Maybe this is because certain EMFs are stronger or resonating at the particular frequency that they like, perhaps there are other reasons not yet known, but perhaps this will be a start for you.

      I definitely recommend doing a ketogenic type diet or something that is low in carbs and high in probiotics and fat to help to clear the toxicity from your body. Things like epsom salt baths, bentonite clay, gentle chi gong exercises and breathing will be very helpful. Cilantro is also helpful for clearing heavy metal from your body. I definitely agree that also the heavy metals in our tissues resonate more powerfully at certain frequencies and this will also cause flare up in the connective tissues. A good balance of minerals is also very important.

      We would love to hear more about your progress with detoxing. Would you be interested in writing for Hella Delicous? It will be very helpful for other folks with these issues?

  2. Soli

    I wish I had something to add but this sounds like a great idea. For years I have been trying to sync myself up a little more with lunar cycles (solar are quite easy for me) and I like seeing other ideas of how to do it.

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